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Daily Joke: Two Psychiatrists Have a Strange Ride in the Elevator Every Morning

Busayo Ogunjimi
Aug 02, 2021
10:30 A.M.
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Two psychiatrists with their offices in the same building often get a strange ride in the elevator every morning on their way to work.


For more than three years, the two men of the same profession rode the elevator together along with an elevator operator. And each time psychiatrist A got to his floor, he would look back and spit on the face of psychiatrist B.

An elevator operator was shocked by the behavior of the two psychiatrists | Photo: Shutterstock

An elevator operator was shocked by the behavior of the two psychiatrists | Photo: Shutterstock


One fateful morning, the elevator operator decided that she had had enough of the ill-treatment and wanted to intervene in the matter.

So after the first man left, she turned to the other psychiatrist and asked, "Excuse me sir, but for three years now, I've been watching that man spit on your face every day. I just have to ask, why don't you ever do anything about it?" The psychiatrist said,

"Well, it's HIS problem."



A businessman entered the same elevator with a pretty lady who kept smiling and extended a heart of friendship through her greetings. The woman said the letters: T.G.I.F

The man looked at his elevator companion, smiled at her, and replied with "S.H.I.T." This sounded puzzling to the woman who revealed a wide-eyed grin before uttering the letters "T.G.I.F." again. This time, the man responded with, well, the same answer, "S.H.I.T."


The lady tried two more times, but the response was the same, so on her next attempt, she said, "T.G.I.F means Thank God It's Friday, get it?" He looked at her and blurted the words:

"Sorry Hun It's Thursday."


A youthful and elegant lady wearing costly perfume walked into an elevator where she met an old woman. She turned to the old woman and arrogantly said, "Romance by Ralph Lauren, $180."

A few minutes later, another young and beautiful lady joined them, also smelling classy. She looked at the old woman and said, "Chanel No.5, $220." The old woman kept mute until she reached her destination, then she turned to the young beauties, farted, and said:


"Heinz Baked Beans, $1.50."

Did you enjoy these jokes? Here is another one about three men who stayed on the 45th floor of a hotel and were warned about the elevator.

Source: Smilezilla, Upjoke

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