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Daily Joke: Store Marketing Manager Sent a Caring Letter to a Regular Customer

Busayo Ogunjimi
Aug 02, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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A store marketing manager noticed that a regular customer named Mr. Jones had not purchased an item for a long time. So, he decided to check up on the man by sending a letter.


In the letter, the manager brought to the notice of Mr. Jones that the employees of SpiffMart observed he had not bought any condoms since his last purchase, which was eight weeks before that day.

A store manager who loves and cares for all his customers | Photo: Shutterstock


Furthermore, the letter explained that Mr. Jones had quit buying feminine hygiene products but increased his purchase of frozen pizza and dinners usage within the same time frame.

The letter also concluded from all indications that Mr. Jones' lover Miss Jody Sanders had broken up with him. According to the manager, the separation was for the best because Miss Sanders was no good, as she bought cheap shampoo.

The manager revealed that they confirmed this information with the Post Office database and that Miss Sanders had filed for a change of address. On behalf of Horny International, the manager offered his condolences to Mr. Jones.


As the number one vendor of hot X-rated videos, the establishment also said that they would like to help Mr. Jones in his time of stress. The manager finally wrote:

"If you're feeling lonely, check out our catalog of DVDs. Order now and we will throw in an extra DVD for free."



The marketing team for the Veggie Food Company was having a brand meeting. The forum revealed that the food technicians had given the company superb veggie bacon but they had no idea for the perfect name for it.

So, the team members began to brainstorm, and after a few hours, Sammie came up with a brilliant idea. He said:

"What about Facon?"


The idea was loved and welcomed by everyone, and Sammie was promised a bonus and a promotion. After acknowledging Sammie's efforts, the boss said:

"Now let's think of a name for product number two. The product team has given us this amazing veggie duck."


A marketing team was given the job of making a Coca-Cola advert for Arabia, so they decided to send their best man on the job. On the man's return, the team discovered that the ad was a failure and nobody was buying the product.


So they inquired from the man the reason behind the disaster. The man explained that the billboard had three photos. The first was an unhealthy person who was about to die.


In the second snap, the person was drinking Coca-Cola, and in the third, they were refreshed and healthy. To the team, it was a top-notch ad. However, they asked why it did not work. The man replied:

"Turns out they read from right to left!"

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