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Daily Joke: Two Factory Workers Were Talking about How to Get Time off from Work

Christell Fatima M. Tudtud
May 15, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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The drudgery of work can be frustrating to anyone. Hence, some workers are eager to plot schemes to escape the workplace without getting fired. This is a hilarious story of two such workers.


Two factory workers were feeling bored at work. The end of their shift seemed too far away. After a while, the male worker said, "I know how to get some time off work." Curious, the female asked how.

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The male worker said it was simple. Leaving his workstation, he climbed up to the rafters and hung upside down. The female worker did not quite expect it and wondered how exactly such an antic would work.

A factory full of machines. | Photo: Pixabay


A few seconds later, their stern boss walked in and the female worker anticipated harsh scolding from the boss. When he saw the worker hanging from the ceiling, he asked him what he was doing.

The male worker replied, "I'm a light bulb." The female worker became more curious, but in the back of her head, she thought her co-worker might have descended into madness.


But she was surprised to see an expression of concern form across the factory manager's face. He was more concerned than disappointed or angry. She began to know where it was heading.

Shaking his head, the boss told the male worker that he needs to take some time off. The worker, concealing a smile of success from his boss, then jumped down and hurried out of the factory.

She asked the secretary to show her how to use the shredder.

An Exit signage. | Photo: Pixabay


Envious of her co-worker, the female worker suddenly got an idea. She started walking toward the factory's exit, in plain view of the boss. When the boss saw her, he asked where she was going. The female worker replied, "I'm going home. I can't work in the dark."

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A company has a new employee, and on her first day, she found herself struggling to use various office equipment. The office secretary saw her looking confused in front of the paper shredder while holding a thick stack of papers.

Always helpful, the secretary walked over to the new employee and asked her if she needed any help. She asked the secretary to show her how to use the shredder.


The latter said it's simple, then she took the thick stack of papers from the newbie's hands and fed them into the shredder. "Thank you. Where do the copies come out?" the new employee asked, to the secretary's horror.

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