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Daily Joke: Stranger Tells Little Boy He Shouldn’t Eat Chocolate

Ayesha Muhammad
Aug 05, 2021
11:00 A.M.
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There was once a little boy who was very fond of eating chocolates. He loved them so much that he openly declared in front of his friends that he could solely live on chocolates.


The boy's obsession with chocolates was so intense that when the teacher asked him one day what he aspired to be when he grew up, he innocently replied that he wanted to own a chocolate factory.

The little boy was obsessed with eating chocolates. | Photo: Shutterstock


Even his friends and family knew that he could forget everything in the world, except for chocolates. Once his parents forgot to order a chocolate cake on his birthday. The boy was so angry that he didn't talk to his parents for one month.

As was expected, the matter was resolved on the condition that he would always get a chocolate cake on all his birthdays. Seeing that they didn't have much choice, the poor parents agreed.

It so happened that one day, the boy went to school without his bag, but surprisingly, he still had a chocolate bar inside his uniform's pocket. He not only escaped his teacher's scolding session but also impressed his friends with cleverness.


One evening, he went to play in the park, and after running around for a good thirty minutes or so, he sat down on the bench, took out his chocolate bar, and started eating it. To his surprise, a man was standing in the far corner, noticing his activity.

The boy was tired after playing in the park, and decided to sit down and eat his chocolate. | Photo: Pexels/Dominika Roseclay


The man could not keep himself from looking at the little boy from a distance, so he walked over to him and said, "Hey, listen, kid, you know what? You should not eat chocolates."

The man paused to read the kid's facial expressions but was shocked to see that he was still busy eating his chocolate bar. It seemed as if he had not heard the man's words properly, so he continued,

"Eating chocolates will cause diabetes, and you'll die early." The man thought that warning the kid of the consequences might help.

The boy kept nibbling on his chocolate bar, then turned to the man and said,


"Yes, you're right! My grandpa lived a long life of 100 years before he passed away."

The boy made a shocking revelation to the man. | Photo: Pexels/Amina Filkins

The man was astounded at the boy's response and wanted to know how his grandpa managed to live for so long.


"Why? Because he didn't eat chocolates?" asked the man out of sheer curiosity.

The little boy shot one glance in his direction and replied,

"No, he used to mind his own business."

Children indeed have their way with words, and the boy's response was pure gold!


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