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Daily Joke: Fisherman Got a Snake Drunk with Whiskey

Afouda Bamidele
Aug 04, 2021
08:20 P.M.
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A fisherman got up very early from bed, having in mind that he would easily catch fish. He immediately dressed and set his boat on the river with so much excitement and enthusiasm.


The fisherman navigated through the river as he settled in a familiar area. This was where he usually caught the fish faster, but he soon discovered that there was a problem.

Some wine should distract this snake | Photo: Shutterstock


In his bid to get to the river, he hastened out of the house without carrying his bucket of life baits. He has settled in the middle of the river by now, and returning home would take him another two hours.

He knew that by that time, the sun would be high in the sky. The fisherman was in a dilemma on what to do as he sat inside his boat pondering. He sat in silence for a few minutes without finding a solution.

After a while, another fisherman sailed past, and as they greeted each other, he noticed something was wrong. He asked the man what was wrong and offered to help.


The first man became hopeful and quickly explained how he left his bucket of bait at home. The second man smiled and told him that it should not cause much worry. He suggested for the man to go into the nearest bush to look for bait.

The first man thought it was a good idea, and he thanked his fellow fisherman. He quickly paddled to the shoreline and went to the nearby bush. He had not searched for long before he found a snake.

The snake was having its breakfast, on the verge of swallowing a giant frog. The fisherman knew that if he grabbed the snake at that moment, the reptile would not be able to bite.


So he picked up the snake with the frog in its mouth and dumped it in his bucket. When the fisherman returned to the river, the snake spat out the frog and tried to figure out how to get out.


The man knew picking it up in that state would be dangerous, so he instead poured whiskey into the snake’s mouth. The reptile rolled its eyes and went limp.

The man then released the snake into the river and continued to fish with the frog. After a while, he felt a nudge by his side and saw that the snake brought back two frogs.

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