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Daily Joke: Guy Hired Plumbers Who Weren’t Entirely Competent

Busayo Ogunjimi
Aug 07, 2021
08:40 A.M.
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A man became fed up with leakages in his apartment and decided to hire professional plumbers to get it fixed. He spent weeks seeking out the best team for the job, eventually stumbling upon two plumbers.


The two men arrived at his house and looked around carefully to observe all the problematic points, then they turned to the homeowner reassuringly and urged him to return in three days to check out their finished work.

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Three days later, the man returned to his home, hopeful to see some improvement. Upon his observation, he was impressed to discover the men seemed to have done a professional job.

Before he could enjoy his moment of relief, he walked into the bathroom to use the toilet but discovered it was in the ceiling, to his chagrin.

Angry, the homeowner called the plumbers and showed them the toilet as soon as they arrived, demanding to know the idea behind their misfit. One of the plumbers replied with a pacifying smile:

"You don't get it? Let me show you."

One of the plumbers replied him with a smile | Photo: Pexels


With that, the plumber jumped to the toilet, flipped over, held on to the toilet seat, and started defecating. However, it all fell on his face and slipped onto the floor. Seconds later, the man also lost his hold on the toilet seat and fell face-down on the litter beneath.

After regaining his bearing, the plumber stood up, wiped his face with a nearby towel, and whispered to his partner: "I think we messed up with the toilet!"


One day, a good doctor heard a funny noise coming from the water heater. Following his failed attempt to ignore it, the doctor decided to give the plumber a call.


The elderly plumber arrived seconds later, walked over to the water heater, and gave it two light raps with a hammer. The noise ceased immediately. The elderly man picked up his tools and handed the doctor an invoice.

The plumber gave the doctor the invoice | Photo: Pexels


The doctor exclaimed, "$150! You were here for just ten minutes. That's $900 per hour. I'm a doctor, and I only earn a third of that!"

The plumber calmly replied, "Yeah. When I was a doctor, that's all I made too."


A New York-based woman kept a pet parrot at home, and it only knew three English words, "Who is it?" One day, she ran into some plumbing trouble in her apartment and booked an appointment with a plumber.

However, the woman encountered an emergency minutes before the scheduled time and had to run off. Hence, when the plumber arrived, no one was home except the parrot.


Naturally, the elderly plumber knocked on the door, expecting the house owner to reply. "Who is it?" came the squeaky voice of the parrot.

The man replied, "It's the plumber."

The plumber knocked on the door | Photo: Pexels


Again, the parrot squeaked, "Who is it?"

Assuming he was not loud enough, the old man replied, raising his voice to make it more audible, "It's the plumber."

To his dismay, the plumber heard the voice again, asking: "Who is it?"

Now frustrated to bits, the old man screamed even louder, with a hint of frustration: "It's the plumber!"

This exchange went on for a while until the elderly plumber finally ran out of breath and collapsed on the floor. A neighbor saw the man lying dead on the doorstep and alerted the police.


The officers soon arrived, examined the body, and confirmed him dead. Turning to the neighbor, one of the officers asked, "Who is it?"

Before the neighbor could reply, they heard a voice from inside squeaking, "It's the plumber!"

The parrot replied, "It's the plumber!" | Photo: Getty Images

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Source: Upjoke, Reddit