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Daily Joke: Man Returns Home from a Business Trip and Driver Offers Him a Lift

Ayesha Muhammad
Aug 12, 2021
08:20 P.M.
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A man went abroad for an important business deal. He had been working hard on securing the project for the past couple of months and was thoroughly elated with his success.


So he set off on his business trip which lasted for nearly a week. His impressive performance and brilliant professional skills were appreciated by everyone. Even his international clients couldn't help praising him.

The man would soon be startled by a strange experience in the parking lot. | Photo: Shutterstock


The man was delighted to have achieved such a milestone in his career and was positive that it would become a pathway for his future endeavors. So with a happy heart, he bid farewell to his business folks and returned home.

However, his flight back home was a little delayed, which caused him great discomfort. Finally, the plane took off, and within a few hours, he was able to reach his home country.

Much to his surprise, the moment he got off the plane at the airport, it was bustling with passengers. He tried to stay calm and not let his mood be spoiled. Carrying his luggage in hand, he slowly got moving.

He gradually made his way to the airport garage, trying to reach his vehicle in the jam-packed parking area, when he was startled by something. Suddenly, a big black car crossed his path, coming to an abrupt stop.


The airport garage was jam-packed with vehicles. | Photo: Pexels/Pixabay

The car's tires screeched so loudly that a low shriek escaped the man's mouth, and he was unable to move. Just then, the car's front window opened, and a heavy and dark voice addressed him.


"Get in," said the voice in a menacing tone.

The man knew best then to heed a stranger's order, and could tell something wasn't right based on his gut instincts. So he kept walking slowly, taking baby steps, until he was interrupted again by the same words.

"Get in," repeated the voice.

The driver opened the front door and pointed threateningly at the man, telling him to get inside the car.

"I said, get in! I'll take you to your car," ordered the driver.

A large dark car came to a stop next to the man. | Photo: Pexels/Eric Mclean


The man took a step back, eased himself, and replied, "Ah... no thank you. I can get there myself."

He thought that politely declining the mysterious stranger's offer would help, but was proven wrong.

"No!" retorted the driver. He then abruptly opened the passenger side door and pointed at the man again, scrutinizing him with his death stare.

"Get in!" yelled the driver.

Not knowing how to escape this horrific scene, the man's eyes started scanning the parking area, hopelessly looking here and there for a security guard.


The man politely refused the stranger's offer, and started looking around for help. | Photo: Unsplash/whereslugo

When the driver read the man's facial expressions and realized that he was scared to death, he softened his voice and flashed a comforting smile.


"Please. I've been literally driving up and down for two hours. I can't find a space to park and I want yours," replied the driver.

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