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Daily Joke: One Hunter Calls 911 after His Friend Collapsess

Afouda Bamidele
Aug 12, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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Two young men have been good friends since their teenage years. As they grew older, their relationship became tighter. They did a lot of things together and even shared secrets.


The friends resided close to each other in a small town. They were always seen together, and everyone in the area was aware of their close bond. They admired their beautiful friendship.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock


The two also chose the same career path, and they were both great at what they did. The friends were both hunters with extraordinary hunting skills. Whenever they went to the woods, they would surely return with excellent results.

They often went into the forest together, but most times, they hunted separately. One day, the friends decided to go on a hunting trip together. While in the woods, they searched for some deer but found none for hours.

After parading the forest for a while, one of them suggested that they should walk on separate paths in the forest to see if they would have any luck finding a game.

They often went into the forest together, but most times, they hunted separately | Source: Unsplash

They often went into the forest together, but most times, they hunted separately | Source: Unsplash


The other person thought it was a good idea and agreed to this. The pair wasted no more time and immediately launched into action. However, before they took a few steps, one of the friends fell and fainted.

The young man's breathing was cut, and his eyes closed gradually. The other hunter panicked and, with sweating hands, tried to resuscitate him. However, this did not yield any result.

He quickly took out his cell phone from his left pocket and dialed 911. He shouted on the phone that he needed help because it seemed his friend was dead and there was no way to help him in the woods.


But the man at the other end of the call carefully told the panicking hunter to keep calm. He explained that they had to be sure the man was dead before they did anything.

There was a long silence on both ends for some minutes before a loud gunshot was heard. Then the friend came back on the phone, nervously cleared his throat before saying to the man at the other end of the line, "OK, now what?"

If you enjoyed this joke, you might find this one even more hilarious. It is about two friends who won a raffle draw and got different rewards. When they reconnected to talk about their win, the exchange will crack you up!

Source: Reddit.com

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