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Daily Joke: Hockey Fans Arguing over Who among Them Is the Most Loyal to Their Team

Busayo Ogunjimi
Aug 13, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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A group of hockey fans was climbing up a cliff, discussing, when an argument broke out about who was the most loyal to their team among them.


The group comprised a Boston Bruins fan, Chicago Blackhawks fan, a Toronto Maple Leaf fan, and a Montreal Canadiens fan, each passionate about the game and their love for their respective teams.

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As the argument progressed, the men made it to the middle of the cliff when the Bruins fan suddenly halted. He faced the other hockey fanatics and yelled, "This is for Boston!" With that, he jumped off the cliff to his untimely demise.

After staring in disbelief for a while, the other three continued their journey up the cliff, still arguing. When they had covered about three-quarters of their journey, it suddenly struck the Hawks fan that the Bruins had indeed outdone the rest of them by proving himself more loyal.

Not having that, the Hawks fan yelled, "This is for Chicago!" Soon after yelling, he threw himself off the cliff and died. The two remaining men exchanged glances before continuing on their way up, with the argument seeming to diffuse.


Finally, the men reached the top of the cliff. Just as they stood to catch their breaths, the Canadiens fan yelled, "This is for Montreal!" After saying that, he pushed the Leafs fan off the cliff, sending him to his demise.


There was once a reckless driver who prided himself on being a loyal supporter of the Blue Jackets. He disliked Red Wings supporters and usually had a blast scaring them with his van, by swerving as if to hit them, and redirecting at the last minute.

The driver scares them with his van | Photo: Pexels


One day, the driver was speeding along the freeway when he came across a priest. Determined to do a good deed for a change, the driver stopped beside the clergyman and asked where he was going.

The priest replied, "I am going to say mass at St. Francis Church, about two miles down the road."

The man flashed a charming smile and said, "Climb in father, I'll give you a lift."

The priest happily obliged him, and both men continued down the road. Minutes later, they encountered a Red Wings fan along the road, and the driver's instincts took over, forgetting the identity of his passenger.


The driver stopped beside the clergyman and asked where he was going. | Photo: Pexels

As usual, the driver swerved as if to hit the fan but swerved back into the road just in time. However, the driver heard a loud thud, making him fear he might have hit the fan unknowingly.


To be certain, the driver glanced through his side mirror in the direction the thud came from. Seeing nothing, he quickly remembered the priest.

With a hint of guilt, the driver turned to the priest and said, "Sorry father, I almost hit that red wings fan."

With a shrug, the priest replied, "That's okay. I got him with the door."

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Source: Jokes4us, Reddit