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Daily Joke: Man Asks About the Difference between 2 Soaps in a Bathroom of a Public Pool

Ayesha Muhammad
Aug 12, 2021
08:20 A.M.
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On a hot summer day, a man decided to visit his wellness club to unwind and recharge himself. He had a long and tiring work week and was desperately in need of a breather.


He played a nice round of golf, followed by polo and table tennis, and then enjoyed a delicious lunch afterward. By the time he was free, it was late afternoon, so he decided to take a swim in the public pool to freshen up.

It was a hot summer day. | Photo: Shutterstock


After nearly an hour of swimming, he wanted to take a shower and then head home. But when he went to the bathroom, he was surprised to see two different soap dispensers in front of him.

One of the soap dispensers was white while the other one was transparent. He couldn't decipher the difference between the two, so he decided to ask the lifeguard, who happened to be in the vicinity.

"Hi, fella. What's the difference between these two?" asked the man, pointing at the two soap dispensers.

"The white one is a shampoo for hair, and the transparent one is for the body," replied the lifeguard.


The man was bald, so he thought for a moment, and having no luck whatsoever, he turned to the lifeguard again.

The man enjoyed a nice swim and then went to take a shower. | Photo: Unsplash


"So, should I use one soap?" asked the man, who was only wearing his swimming shorts.

The lifeguard stared at the man from head to toe. After a brief moment of silence, he said, "No. You should use two soaps but in reverse."

As it turned out, the man still had to use both soaps!



In another joke, a little boy went to the only grocery store in his small rural town. He saw the store clerk sitting behind the counter and asked him for a box of laundry soap.

"What kind of laundry soap do you want?" asked the clerk.

"It doesn't matter," said the boy. "I'm just using it to give my dog a bath anyway."

The stork clerk handed him a box of soap and gave him a piece of warning. "Be careful. That stuff is pretty strong, so you better use just a little bit. You wouldn't want to hurt him," the clerk said.


A little boy went to the grocery store to buy laundry soap. | Photo: Pexels

After taking the soap, the boy went home, only to come back the very next day.

"What happened?" asked the clerk to the gloomy boy. "How's the dog? Nice and clean?"


"No, he's dead," replied the sad boy.

"You used too much soap, didn't you?" cried the clerk. "I told you that stuff was strong!"

"No, sir," said the boy. "I reckon it was the spin cycle that got him."

If you enjoyed reading these jokes, you'll find this one even funnier. It's about a guy who jumped into the pool of a mental hospital, and he was rescued by a girl who hurried to save him. However, the poor guy was later met with a somewhat unfortunate incident.

Source: Reddit, Upjoke

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