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Daily Joke: A Girl Rescued a Guy from the Pool of a Mental Hospital

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 23, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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Hillary and Jeffery were two patients in a mental hospital. One day the two took a walk around, and while they walked towards the pool, Jeffery suddenly jumped into the water.


He went down and stayed below. Hillary was surprised by this, so she rushed into the water and brought him up and out of the water. A nurse who was standing close by saw her heroic act.

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The nurse quickly went into the hospital, where she had a meeting with the hospital board, letting them know that Hillary had the rational ability to save Jeffery from drowning.

This made them decide she was certified to go home. The nurse informed Hilary and she was excited. A few days later, the nurse went to Hillary's room and told her that she would be released soon.


However, the nurse also had bad news. She made it known that Jeffery ended up hanging himself in the room. To this, Hillary replied:

"Oh, he didn't hang himself; I put him there to dry. When do I go home?"



Two patients were sitting in the mental home cafeteria, where they enjoyed a leisurely afternoon. Soon enough, they heard a burst of loud laughter that startled them.

When they looked in the direction of where the sound was coming from, they saw that it was Jimmy two-face. The first patient asked: "What do you make of that?"


The other guy replied: "What, Jimmy-two face over there? That guy has split personality disorder."

The first patient wanted to know what that meant, and asked, "So what?"

"So, one of them must have told a great joke."



A reporter visited a mental institution where he asked the doctor-in-charge some questions. The reporter asked how doctors knew who to be checked into the hospital.

The doctor replied that a water test was given, where the bathtub is filled with water. The patient is then asked to take out all the water with either a spoon, a cup, or a bucket.

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The reporter thought it was a good idea as he felt a sane person would use the bucket. The doctor then sharply replied:

"A sane person would remove the drain plug. You wait on bed 69 near the window."

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