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Daily Joke: Boy Puts a Stop to a Nightmare Running After Him with the Help of Cough Syrup

Afouda Bamidele
Aug 18, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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A young boy had a nice weekend party with his friends at another pal’s birthday celebration. They all partied into the night, and by past midnight, they decided to return home.


Everyone thanked the celebrant for an amazing time and went on their way, including the boy whose house was two streets away. He walked briskly through the road before crossing a sharp bend.

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The boy looked at his wristwatch and saw that the game he loved to watch would start in less than ten minutes. Usually, the route included walking past a graveyard, but the cemetery was a shortcut to get home faster.

The young boy immediately entered through the gates of the graveyard to save time. As he walked into the place, he noticed that there was a thick fog covering the pathway.

It was so thick that it was impossible to see what was on the other end or on the floor. The young boy briskly walked through, but he fell because he could not see much of his surroundings.

It was a night party to a nightmare for this young man! | Photo: Shutterstock


When he tried to get up, he saw that he had fallen into a freshly dug pit and was lying on a covered coffin. He thought of a way to get out of the pit, and he tilted the coffin to one side.

This propped him up enough to stretch his hand out and hinge them on the pit’s edges. He stretched both legs as well and climbed out of the hole. Seeing that he had made it out, he quickened his pace so he could get out of the graveyard.

After walking for a little over a minute, he heard a thudding sound behind him. The boy looked back and saw that the coffin was out of the pit. His eyes widened and he started running.


As he ran, the thudding sound of the coffin grew louder behind, THUD THUD THUD and it trailed him. The boy soon reached the exit gate and was on the path to his home, so he ran all the way home.

When he got to the door of his house, he looked back and saw that the coffin was still advancing. The boy’s fear went up a notch higher as he began screaming for his parents.

No one answered as his parents were fast asleep. He ran up to his room and saw that the coffin was still following him with the sound THUD THUD THUD !!!. The boy locked his room door and waited in fear.


Soon enough, the coffin burst through the door and moved towards the boy still sounding loud THUD THUD THUD !!! He looked around him for a way to defend himself and found a box of medicines.


While the coffin kept getting closer, the boy pelted it with different medicines from the box. But the coffin kept on making the sound, THUD, THUD, THUD.

Finally, the boy ran out of medication and was left with a bottle of cough syrup. He hauled it at the coffin, and suddenly, there was silence.

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