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Daily Joke: Little Boy Is Intrigued by a Mysterious Sound from the Monks' Temple

Ayesha Muhammad
Aug 15, 2021
11:40 P.M.
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Once upon a time, an 8-year-old boy lived in a far-off village situated at the bottom of a hill. High on top of the hill was a temple where monks lived, and the boy often fancied visiting the place.


One day, he was playing outside when he heard a queer sound coming from the temple. As the sound increased in intensity, the inquisitive boy wanted to know more, so he walked up the hill and knocked on the temple's large doors.

The boy couldn't decipher the strange sound coming from the temple. | Photo: Shutterstock


After a while, the door was answered by an old man who introduced himself as the head monk. He was dressed in strange clothes wrapped around his shoulders, and he greeted the boy with a warm smile, asking how he could help him.

"I heard a sound coming from your temple. Can you tell me what it was?" said the curious boy.

The head monk smiled back at him and said, "I can't tell you, dear child, because you're not a monk."

Soon afterward, the head monk went inside, and the boy returned home with a gloomy face. He kept thinking about the strange sound, and the head monk's refusal to tell him about it.


Three years passed, and the boy heard the same sound again one day. Much like the first time, he was curious to know what it was and thought it would keep nagging him if he didn't find out.

The boy was greeted by the head monk who refused to tell him anything. | Photo: Pexels


So he walked all way to the top of the hill and knocked on the giant temple door. The head monk opened the door and asked how he could help him. As usual, the boy inquired about the sound, to which the monk replied:

"I can't tell you, dear child, because you're not a monk."

However, the boy refused to give up and was determined to find out about the sound, so he said, "How do I become a monk?"

“Young boy, in order to become a monk, you must count every grain of sand in Africa," answered the head monk.

The boy waited until he was 18, and drove to Africa to follow the head monk's instructions. He counted every grain of sand, and by the time he was done, he had turned 36 years old.


Delighted to have completed the task, he went to the temple and knocked on the door which was again answered by the head monk.


“I did it, I counted every grain of sand!” cried the man.

“Truly? You are now a monk, and can now learn of the sound! You must find the key first," said the head monk, surprised to see the boy all grown up.

"Okay, where is the key?" asked the man.

"Back in Africa," replied the head monk.

Desperate to learn about the sound, the man went back to Africa and found the key. But before he could reach the temple, he had to cross three fires, so he jumped over the first and second fire, but unfortunately, the key fell into the third one.


The man went back to Africa to find the key. | Photo: Pexels

He was terror-stricken and hurried to the temple. When he saw the head monk, he narrated the whole incident.


“Surely for a door that’s this important, there must be a spare key somewhere, right?” asked the man.

“Yeah, there’s one in the sheriff’s office at the bottom of the hill," replied the head monk calmly.

“Why couldn’t you tell me that first?” retorted the man.

“It’s part of becoming a monk," responded the head monk.

The man ran to the sheriff's office and got the key. He jumped over fires, unlocked the door, and finally discovered what the sound was.


Do you want to know what the sound was? We can't tell you because you're not a monk!

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Source: Reddit

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