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Daily Joke: 2 Men Jump Out of Plane to Meet Their Relatives

Ayesha Muhammad
Aug 17, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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On a fine spring morning, around 50 passengers were traveling in an airplane. As the plane passed through the cloudy sky, they enjoyed the mesmerizing view of the sunrise, chatting along the way.


After some time, the pilot called the air hostess and informed her about the sudden change in the weather. He asked her to ensure that all the passengers were fully seated and had their seat belts on.

Oh no! We're falling! | Photo: Shutterstock/Pixabay

Oh no! We're falling! | Photo: Shutterstock/Pixabay


So the air hostess went back and told the passengers to stay calm and show cooperation in the wake of the bad weather. Naturally, many people started panicking as the plane continued to experience jolts.

Soon the pilot was able to steer out of the bad climatic conditions and things slowly returned to normal. It so happened that the plane started climbing higher than usual, reaching all the way to heaven.

The pilot got on the loudspeaker and thanked the passengers for staying calm, followed by an announcement that the plane was now passing by heaven, and if they looked to their right, they'd see the heavenly gates.


Many passengers were awe-struck by the magnificent view of the pearly gates and the divine shining city beyond. They were enchanted by the spectacular sight and stared at the heavenly marvel.

The airplane climbed too high and passed the pearly gates of heaven. | Photo: Pexels

The airplane climbed too high and passed the pearly gates of heaven. | Photo: Pexels


A man was also busy appreciating the glorious view when suddenly, he saw his daughter who had died from cancer last month. Without thinking, he hurried to the emergency exit and found that another man had already opened it.

Both men jumped out of the airplane together, paying no heed to the flight attendant's pleas. To their utter dismay, the clouds didn't support their weight, so they started falling.

The two men tried their best not to go down further, but they continued to fall. During their massive fall, one man said to the other:

"Well, it seems that we won't be able to visit our deceased relatives the way we would have liked, but at least we'll see them today, one way or another."


"That's not what bothers me," yelled the other man, terrified at what had befallen him.

"What bothers me is that we passed the ground a while ago and didn't stop!!"


The two men had a completely different plan, but things clearly took an unexpected turn!

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