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Daily Joke: A Beautiful Young Woman Boarded a Plane to New York

Lois Oladejo
Jun 21, 2021
07:30 A.M.
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A pretty young lady took a trip to New York via economy ticket. However, she was displeased by the seats in that section and found a better option.


A beautiful young model made her way through the airport and boarded a flight to New York. She bought an economy ticket, and when she got on the plane, she disliked the seats.

The lady looked over to the next cabin in the airplane and got a glimpse of the first-class compartment. She was pretty pleased with how big and comfortable the seats were.

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Without hesitation, she moved her things to the first-class area and sat in the rear seat. Soon enough, a flight attendant came over and demanded to see her ticket.

After checking it, she calmly directed the lady to move back to economy class. The model replied, letting the attendant know she was a famous model and has never had issues with her flights.

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She also insisted on sitting in first class until she got to her destination. The flight attendant was at a loss on what to do, so she moved to the cockpit called a pilot.

She informed the pilot of the erring young lady, and he went with the attendant, trying to persuade her to move back to economy class. She declined and reiterated that she was famous.

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By now, both the pilot and attendant found themselves in a dilemma. The pilot returned to the cockpit, where he called his co-pilot and told him what happened.

The other pilot wasn't surprised, as he shared that he had once dated a model like that. He went back to the young lady and whispered something to her.

At this, she immediately stood up and thanked him. She also hugged him before heading to her initial seat in economy. The first pilot and the attendant were surprised as they asked him what he told her. The pilot replied:

"I just told her that the first-class seats aren't going to New York."

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