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Woman Receives Worrying Note from a Stranger When Her Date Goes to the Bathroom

Lois Oladejo
Aug 19, 2021
12:00 A.M.
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A woman was saved from a terrible date situation thanks to the intervention of a good Samaritan. She gave an account of the incident on social media, including a photo of a worrying note received from the stranger.

One Twitter user shared the story of an unusual first-date experience that ended with her receiving a secret warning note from a stranger.

Posting as @Hadia__S, she recounted how the stranger, who was a gay guy sitting behind her, passed her the note as soon as her date went to the bathroom.

A handwritten note | Photo:  twitter.com/Hadia__S

A handwritten note | Photo: twitter.com/Hadia__S


More than receiving a note from a random stranger, the contents of the folded piece of paper left her stunned, as it was a much-needed warning. It read:

"Too many red flags. Run. Be safe girl."

The warning note appeared to be scribbled on the back of an invoice, showing the gay guy's determination to help a sister at all cost.

Photo of a woman in a restaurant holding a wine glass | Photo: Pexels

Photo of a woman in a restaurant holding a wine glass | Photo: Pexels


The poster shared further details in the comment section, admitting to spotting some of those glaring red flags even before receiving the note. She explained: "We did not see eye to eye on Da Baby situation, and he's a Kevin Samuels fan. I had to look him up and was immediately taken aback, lmao."

Despite recognizing the warning signs earlier, she opted to stay at first to avail herself of the opportunity to debate him. Miraculously, the stranger's note came in the nick of time.

The Twitter user believes the note was a divine intervention from her guardian angel, who must have been fed up with her reluctance to walk away.


She utilized the platform to appreciate the note and the gracious stranger, concluding by reassuring everyone there would be no second date. Most tweeters found the story hilarious, with one reposting the note and writing:

"I cackled at the irony."

Most Twitter users appreciated the gay guy's efforts to look out for a sister regardless of the implication. One comment read: "This is what allyship looks like. Not that nonsense of doing/saying nothing when you can clearly see that the man is dangerous., then coming out here to cry 'not all men.'"


Some shared accounts of similar date situations where someone showed such comradery and saved them from a potential relationship disaster.

One user recalled being out on a movie date once with her boyfriend. The moment she stepped out to retrieve her wallet, her boyfriend claimed to be her legal guardian while flirting with the receptionist. Thankfully, the receptionist looked out for her. She explained:

"When I showed her my ID, she [expletive] told on him on the spot. We broke up that day. I really appreciated her candor."


Further down the comment, a man, identified as Tom L'Histoirien, claimed to have been the one who gave the poster the note. He also expressed displeasure over being called gay, saying: "I am the man who gave you the note, AND I AM NOT GAY. Why do people keep saying that about me."

Other commenters dismissed his claims, saying he was only trying to cash in on the viral story. Notwithstanding his identity or sexuality, the unusual candor from a total stranger is certainly commendable.

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