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Daily Joke: Dear Diary, I Moved to Chicago and I Love This Place So Much

Laura Beatham
Aug 23, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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When I moved to Chicago from Florida, I decided to buy a diary and write about my thoughts and feelings. Suffice to say, it captured my true feelings about the State of Illinois.


August 1. Dear Diary:

We moved to our new home in Chicago today. Still have a lot of unpacking to do, but wow! It is so beautiful here. The city is so picturesque. I cannot wait to see everything covered in snow! It will be so magical. I really love it here!

How would living in Chicago turn out? | Photo: Amomama


October 15. Dear Diary:

Chicago is truly the most beautiful place on earth. The leaves are turning all different colors, and it reminded me how much I love the shades of red and orange.

We also went for a drive through the hills and saw some deer. I never realized how graceful they are. They have to be the most peaceful animals on earth. I feel like I'm in paradise. Seriously, I LOVE IT HERE!!!

November 11. Dear Diary:

I read that deer season will open soon. I can't imagine anyone wanting to kill such an elegant and peaceful creature. I really don't get it. I mean, they are the very symbol of peace and tranquility.


It hasn't snowed yet, but I hope it will soon. I love all nature at the moment. It is truly so relaxing. I LOVE IT HERE.

I love being able to see the deer so close to my home! | Photo: Pixabay/hashan


December 2. Dear Diary:

FINALLY!! It snowed last night! We woke up to find everything blanketed in white. It looked like a postcard or a scene from a movie.

I had to go outside and clean the snow off the steps and shovel the driveway. I must say it was quite satisfying! We even had a snowball fight today, and of course, I won. Later, the snowplow came by, and we had to shovel the driveway again.

What a beautiful place. Mother Nature is in perfect harmony. Loving it more each day!

December 12. Dear Diary:


More snow last night. I love it. It's starting to feel like Christmas! I can't wait for my first white Christmas! The snowplow did his trick again, that rascal, but hey, I guess he is just trying to do his job!

Loving this winter wonderland!

The snowplow would blow the snow into my driveway. | Photo: Pixabay/Arek Socha


December 19. Dear Diary:

It snowed again last night. I was late for work today because I could not get out of the driveway. I am so exhausted from the shoveling. It's like a full-body workout! That snowplow is really starting to get on my nerves!

December 22. Dear Diary:

Even more of that gross white stuff fell last night. I've now developed blisters on my hands from shoveling it all! I'm starting to believe the snowplow hides around the corner and waits until I'm done shoveling.

December 25. Dear Diary:


You know what? That whole "White Christmas" thing is truly OVERRATED! More snow everywhere. Does it ever stop??? If I ever get my hands on that waste of space who drives that snowplow, I swear I will have to slap him around a bit!!

Why don't they put more salt on the roads??

A White Christmas was not as amazing as the song made it seem! | Photo: Pixabay/ Anastasia Lavrinovich


December 28. Dear Diary:

Of course, there was more snow last night. I've been inside since Christmas day, except for when "Snowplow John" comes, and I get the pleasure of shoveling the white stuff from my driveway.

The weatherman said there would be another 10 inches of it tonight. Do you know how many shovels full of snow that is??? TOO MANY!!

January 1. Dear Diary:

Happy gosh darn New Year!! The weatherman was, of course, wrong, like he always is! We got 34 inches of snow this time. At this rate, it will only melt by the 4th of July.


The snowplow got stuck on the road (serves him right), but then the cheeky so-and-so had the nerve to come to MY door and ask to borrow MY shovel.

I told him I've already broken about 5 from shoveling the snow he puts into my driveway. I broke the 6th one of his head!! Seriously rethinking my move!!

Shoveling snow is seriously tiring! | Photo: Pixabay/Bruno /Germany


January 3. Dear Diary:

Can you believe it? I finally get out of the house today! I had to go to the store to get food, but on the way back, a deer ran out of nowhere, and I hit it!

Only did about $2500 in damages!! Honestly, I wish the hunters had killed them all last November!! This year I'm joining in!!

May 3. Dear Diary:

More car trouble!! I took the car to the garage in town today, and the mechanic said that the body is rotting away because of all the freaking salt they keep putting on the roads! It looks like a real piece of trash at the moment!!


May 10. Dear Diary.

So I finally moved back to Florida today. THANK GOODNESS. I can't imagine why anyone in their right mind would want to live in that ridiculous and cold State of Illinois!!

Do you have to deal with the snow where you live?

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