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Daily Joke: Woman Calls to Book a Flight from Chicago

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 12, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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Today's #jokeoftheday is about a woman who needed to make a trip from Chicago. After she called the traveling agency, the staff in charge of her call was left confused.


A woman needed to book a flight, so she called the customer service of a traveling agency. When the attendant responded to the call, she made it known that she wanted to go from Chicago to Hippopotamus, New York.

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There was a pause at the other end as the agent tried to figure out what she meant. The agent then asked if she was sure about her destination.

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The woman noted that she was sure so the agent tried to get more information on the place she wanted to go to, but there was no information anywhere for Hippopotamus.

When the agent informed the woman that there was no such place, she was shocked and told the agent to check the map. The gent rechecked the map to no avail.


But at that moment, the agent realized something. "Did you mean Buffalo, New York?" she asked the woman. And the woman exclaimed:

"That's it! I knew it was a big animal!"

Another rib cracker is about an older man who received a call from a man named Bill from the IRS. Bill informed the older man that he needed to go to the IRS office the next day to sort out some issues with his bank account.


After the call, the old man thought to himself that he needed to take his lawyer along. When he got to the IRS office the next day, Bill told him that he had some huge amount of money in his account and there was a need for questioning.

When Bill asked him how he got the money, the old man replied that he was into gambling. He shared that he gambled a lot and won a lot of money. Bill doubted him, and the old man decided to show Bill that he was a pro.


The old man challenged Bill to a bet. He asked Bill to pay him $5000 if he could bring out his left eye. Bill doubted this, thinking to himself that it was impossible so he called the bet. But before he knew it, the man brought out his left eye.

Bill knew at that moment that it was a glass eye. The old man once again asked Bill to bet $7000, and he would bite his other eye. Bill knew the other eye could not possibly be fake too because no one assisted the old man into the office so he couldn't have been blind.


He once again agreed to the bet. Suddenly, the man removed his dentures and used them to bite his other eye. All the while, the lawyer sat there watching in shock.

Bill was furious by now, but the old man challenged him to a third bet. He said he would give Bill a chance to get back all his money. The old man said he would bet $15,000 that he could pee in the trash can from where he was sitting without spilling pee on the floor.


Bill agreed thinking there was no way the man could achieve that feat. The trashcan was 6 feet away. Then he watched the old man undo his belt, pull off his trousers, and pee all over his table.

Relieved, Bill shouted excitedly, noting he won the bet. At this point, the lawyer spoke:

"No! He bet me $100,000 that he would pee all over your desk, and you would do nothing about it!"

The old man looked at Bill and the lawyer and walked out of the IRS office. Before leaving, he turned back, smiled, and said: "I hope that explains it."