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Daily Joke: 2 Friends Tried to Kill Rich Man and Steal His Money

Afouda Bamidele
Aug 25, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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Two friends planned to kill a wealthy man who lived in a camper and take all his money. They believed it would be good to know everything about him, so they decided to be his friend.


The friends visited him, and they all played Uno. As they continued talking, the friends discovered that the man suffered from polydipsia, a disease where lots of water has to be consumed.

They had the perfect plan but the tables turned on them | Photo: Shutterstock

They had the perfect plan but the tables turned on them | Photo: Shutterstock


The rich man even revealed to his new friends that he had to wake up for at least a glass of water every night. The friends really wanted the man's money, and as luck would have it, they were in the desert.

The friends then planned to kill the man by nighttime. They would take away all the water available and deprive him of drinking until he dies. No one will suspect them, and it would only look like he died of natural causes.

When night finally came, they snuck to the trunk of the camper and found three water containers. One of the containers had a label "Urine and Shit," the other "Gas," and the third, "Water."

The friends sat to develop their plan as they watched the sunset | Photo: Shutterstock

The friends sat to develop their plan as they watched the sunset | Photo: Shutterstock

They immediately started pouring out all the water in the third container, but their actions caused too much noise, so they drank the entire contents of the container instead. The following day, they knocked on the rich man's door and waited for a reply.


Few minutes passed, and to their surprise, the door opened. But refusing to give up on their scheme, they asked the rich man to play Uno with them again as an excuse for their visit.

This situation repeated itself for days. They would drink water from the container every night, and the man would still be alive the following morning. One week after their ceaseless attempt, they asked the rich man about his sickness.


The man showed them 14 bottles and explained that his treatment was a 2-week engagement. The water had already been mixed with some medications, and he must drink two bottles every day.

The friends were surprised that the man already drank 14 bottles when the container was so small it couldn't contain much water. The man agreed that the container was small, but he explained to them:

"I connected the water tank of the car to the toilet instead. It holds so much more than the other canisters as if the contents disappear by magic."

If you enjoyed this joke, you might find this one even more hilarious. It's about two friends who were out golfing when they saw a funeral procession. One of them removed his hat to pay his respects, and the reason he did so will crack you up!

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