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Daily Joke: Lemon Resorts to Quick Relief after Catching a Bad Cold from a Thunderstorm

Laura Beatham
Aug 30, 2021
02:40 A.M.
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A lemon was walking home late one night when suddenly, thunderstorm clouds rolled in, and he got caught in a terrible storm. He did not have a raincoat or umbrella, but he decided to tough it out.


He tried to walk as fast as possible, but he ended up getting very wet as his walk home was quite long. He tried to hail a taxi, but whenever he did, it just drove past him.

But what will happen? | Photo: Amomama


He finally made it home, but unfortunately, the poor lemon ended up getting very sick. He developed a terrible cold, with a slight fever and a sore cough from the prolonged exposure to the cold and rain.

At first, he tried to deal with his uncomfortable symptoms, but after several hours, the lemon had enough. So he scoured his cupboards for any relief in the form of medication.

Eventually, he found some Tylenol and Benadryl. He wasn't sure which to take, so he shrugged and took both at the same time. The lemon then passed out in his bed for 12 hours until the next morning.

Would the lemon feel better? | Photo: Pixabay/DavidRockDesign


When he woke up, the lemon felt truly refreshed, revitalized, and free of his symptoms. So he said, "Man, I feel like a neo citron!"

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One day, a woman's husband who worked in a funeral home started experiencing terrible abdominal pains. So she rushed him to the emergency room, and they started to conduct various tests.

He had told his wife not to call him in sick until they found out what was wrong. The man had to go through several tests, all while his wife wondered when she should call his job to inform them of why he was missing.


What was wrong with the man? | Photo: Pixabay/Martin Büdenbender

Finally, a nurse got the results and informed the wife and her husband about what was causing his horrible abdominal pains. It turns out her husband had a kidney stone!


So the woman turned to her husband and asked, "So should I call the funeral home now?"

The nurse then quickly replied, "Ma'am, he's not THAT sick!"

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Source: Reddit and Upjoke