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Bridesmaid Takes Bride to Court after Being Kicked Out of the Wedding

Brittany Chalmers
Aug 27, 2021
12:20 A.M.
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When a bridesmaid cut her hair, she never expected it to upset the bride. However, when the soon-to-be Mrs saw her friend, she asked her to step down from all bridal duties. Now, the bridesmaid is taking legal action.


A Reddit post garnered massive reaction this month after an unnamed bridesmaid shared her experience with a "bridezilla." The woman was allegedly kicked out of the bridal party because of her haircut.

Due to health issues, the bridesmaid was forced to make the difficult decision of cutting her hair. Sadly, her choice did not sit well with the woman whose wedding she was scheduled to be a part of.

A bride looks downcast as she holds the hand of her bridesmaid who also has a frown on her face | Photo: Pixabay/Photosbychalo



The 3-day wedding purportedly required the bridesmaid to purchase specific shoes and 3 different dresses, which required alterations. According to the bridesmaid, the wedding expenses cost her $700.

Even though her hair was falling out in chunks, the bride was not understanding toward the woman. She told her about the unavoidable haircut decision two weeks before the wedding, and the bride didn't seem perturbed.

A woman wearing a mask is seated in a salon chair and is busy having her hair cut | Photo: Unsplash/Colours of Turkey



When the bride visited the woman the next week, she told her that she was worried about the haircut. The bridesmaid reassured her that it would look good on the day. She thought this was the end of the story, but she was wrong.

The next day, the bride sent the woman a message asking her to step down from participating in the wedding. She stated that she could not allow anyone to ruin her vision for the day.

An upset bride stares directly ahead of her and has a look of disdain on her face | Unsplash/Christopher Campbell



The bride's message accused the bridesmaid of being disrespectful, selfish, and inconsistent. In rebuttal to this, the bridesmaid expressed that she had been nothing but supportive in the weeks leading up to the big day.

In fact, she had spent hours assisting with wedding details and also went above and beyond the expected bridesmaid duties. She provided the bride with a special training program when she asked for help in toning her body.

Commenters react to a bridesmaid who is taking the bride to court after she was asked to step down abruptly | Photo: Reddit/Own-Ingenuity-8648



The bridesmaid also pointed out that she received this message a mere 3 days before the wedding. Hurt and upset, the ex-bridesmaid didn't leave the matter there. She explained that she sent the couple an invoice for the costs she incurred.

When they did not respond, she decided to take the bride to court and filed a small claim. The internet had a lot to say about the former bridesmaid's horror experience.

Netizens share their opinions about a bride who asked her bridesmaid to step down from all of her duties 3 days before the wedding | Photo: Reddit/Own-Ingenuity-8648



One user stated: Too many people put way too much into this ONE DAY. It's never gonna be perfect, sorry, but that's the way it is." Another person commented on the bride's lack of concern for her friend's health issues.

They said: "I just can’t get past that her hair was falling out because of a health condition, and Zilla is like, Don’t care if you die, you are selfish for cutting your hair." Many netizens wanted to know how the story progressed, and the Redditor confirmed that their friendship was indeed over.


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