Girlfriend Gets Revenge On Boyfriend After He Invited Brother To Stay With Them Without Telling Her

Sep 14, 2021
12:00 P.M.
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When couples first move in together, everything seems perfect. However, things tend to change when finances get in the way and what seems like a perfect relationship can quickly turn sour. Something similar happened for one young couple. Two weeks ago, Reddit user throwaway0821202103 asked her boyfriend to move in with her and pay the rent, but things didn’t go the way she had expected.


When is the perfect time to move in with your partner? For most couples, the answer is “as soon as possible.” The idea of waking up every day next to the person you love appeals to everyone. But once that honeymoon period is over, the problems start to arise.

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More often than not, these problems revolve around finances. This is especially true when one partner feels like they’re contributing more than the other. Usually, when the subject of money comes up with young couples, it's followed by a huge fight, and for this particular Reddit user, their story is no different.

Reddit user throwaway0821202103 decided to move in together with her boyfriend. The couple agreed that they would share all of their expenses equally, and for a while, everything was going well. Then, her boyfriend did something unexpected.


He invited his brother to come to live with them rent-free while he gets his life back together. The Redditor became angry because she wasn't consulted about it, but her boyfriend still expected her to contribute towards the rent. Reddit user throwaway0821202103 then refused to pay 50 percent of all of their expenses because she didn’t want to support her boyfriend's brother, and their relationship has been rocky ever since.

Should The OP Still Pay 50 Percent of The Rent?

One Redditor sided with the OP and said she was justified because her boyfriend decided to make significant changes to their everyday lives without consulting her. The Redditor said,


"As you say, bf changed the rules without asking you. And you are getting less use out of the apartment because you no longer have a home office in a separate room. You have no privacy in the living room when you are working. Your bedroom is cluttered with the music stuff. You have an extra person using the bathroom, taking showers, etc."

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Another Redditor then pointed out that her boyfriend could afford to give his brother a place to stay because she moved in and took care of half of the expenses. Other Redditors highlighted that she didn't give her boyfriend any notice before deciding not to pay rent. She later updated her post and said that she's willing to pay her share for the first month, but she won't be paying half the rent while the brother still lives with them.

Should Couples Always Split Rent 50/50?

What happens when one partner makes more money than the other? Should the rent still be split equally? A seemingly successful woman on Reddit recently asked her boyfriend to move in with her so they could have a home of their own. The only condition was that he pay half the rent, but there was a problem.


Her boyfriend made a lot less money than she did, and he would use the little he made to help his parents out while he was living with them. The Redditor insisted that he use that money to pay for rent when they move in together, but he flat out refused, and they got into an argument. The Redditor admitted that she doesn't need his money at all. She just wanted them to split the rent because that's the conventional thing to do. Then her boyfriend told her,


"I'm so poor compared to you, it's not fair that you're asking for 50/50 when you make so much and I make so little"; "I'd still have to send money to my parents*, they're my parents, I can't just cut their income stream without warning"; "If I have to pay rent I'll have no savings or security!"; "If I do this, you'll pay for us whenever we go out to eat right? I won't be able to afford to go to restaurants or movies with you otherwise"; "You'd be lonely if I didn't come over, I’m doing you a favor"

Was She Wrong?

Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of mixed reactions to this post. Some people thought it made sense for everyone to pay their fair share of the rent. Since they would be living together, it only makes sense for them to contribute an equal amount to the rent. However, other Redditors didn't see it that way.


One of the people in the community pointed out that Reddit user ChibiIntermission was in the wrong. User proteins911 said,


"she wants him to move into an apartment she selected, at a price she selected, in a part of town that she selected (and which is inconvenient for him). To afford half of this apartment in this inconvenient location, he’d half to put half of his income towards rent which is a bad financial move. I think it makes more sense to either split the rent based on what they can each comfortably afford or pick out a new place together that fits both of their budgets."

How Should Couples Handle Finances

According to some relationship experts, the best way for couples to do this is by agreeing to disagree about certain things. Couples should understand that they won't see eye-to-eye on everything, and both their feelings are valid. The important thing is to have some common ground and prioritize their most important financial goals.


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One other important thing for couples to do is to communicate with each other clearly. There should always be an open and consistent dialogue about finances and other important things in the relationship. Couples should openly discuss situations like the ones we saw in the Reddit stories in this article. This way, they'll be able to understand what their partner's issues are and find a way to compromise through cooperation.


moving in together

, the best course of action for a couple is to find a solution that's fair to both of them. However, fair doesn't necessarily mean equal. In both scenarios, compromise and cooperation are essential in keeping the peace. What did you think of these stories? Would You have done anything differently? Let us know!

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