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Ted Bundy’s Only Wife Carole Ann Boone Gave Birth to His Child a Year after His 3rd Death Sentence

Esther NJeri
Sep 07, 2021
03:40 P.M.
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With her husband serving three life sentences in prison, and the consequent limited physical contact, it was almost impossible to consummate their marriage. Still, Bundy and Boone did whatever it took.


Ted Bundy and Carole Boone first met in 1974, while both were working in Olympia, in the Washington State Office of Emergency Services. But at the time, Boone did not realize that Bundy was living a double life.

Bundy would spend nights hunting and killing women and his days searching for those same women. And yet, when Boone looked at Bundy, all she saw was a dignified and restrained man.

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Carole Anne Boone was a two-time divorcee working at Emergency Management. She liked Bundy as soon as she met him and remembered him as a shy person. She said:

“He struck me as being a rather shy person with a lot more going on under the surface than what was on the surface."

Even though they'd been in other relationships at the time, they quickly became close friends. In 1977, Bundy was arrested and jailed in Utah, and Boone visited him for a week after exchanging numerous letters.

Close up of Theodore Bundy, convicted Florida murderer, charged with other killings.| Source: Getty Images


Rolling Stone reports that Boone may have helped Bundy escape from prison, but in 1978, the long arm of the law caught up with Bundy once again, and he was arrested for multiple murders.

Bundy was prosecuted in Florida courts, and Boone relocated there to attend the trials easily. He would face trial in 1980, and it was during this time that something strange happened.

Bundy, representing himself in the trial, took to the stand and asked Boone to marry him. Boone, a witness in the case, agreed to marry Bundy.


She is believed to have lived out her life in Seattle and passed away in 2018, at the age of 70.

Note that at this time, Bundy had already started serving a life sentence and was facing a guilty charge for yet another murder case.

The newly wedded couple remained close for some time, with Boone alleged to supply Bundy with drugs in prison. Two years into his sentence, Boone welcomed home their daughter, Rose.

Theodore Bundy, seated in court, charged with the killings of two FSU coeds.| Source: Getty Images


At the time, the prison where Bundy was locked up did not allow for conjugal rights, so the question arose on how she'd have conceived their daughter.

The Prison Superintendent said anything was possible, with sources claiming that prisoners would often bribe the guards to allow such visits. Still, when Boone was questioned, she refused to open up, saying:

"I don't have to explain anything about anybody to anyone."


Bundy would then start talking to Stephen Michaud about the grueling details of the crimes he'd committed, and when Boone learned of this, she began growing distant.

The questionable marriage did not last very long after the birth of their daughter. Boone divorced Bundy in 1986 and relocated to Florida with their daughter Rose and a son, James, from a previous marriage.

She is believed to have lived out her life in Seattle and passed away in 2018, at the age of 70. At the time of her passing, she'd come to accept the fact that the man she'd married had been a serial killer responsible for the killing of over thirty women.