Future Mother-in-Law Threw Girl Out into the Street While Her Boyfriend Stood There and Watched

Sep 10, 2021
12:00 A.M.
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It's not unusual for people to gain favors with their future mother-in-law. However, trying to impress your future inlaws can go horribly wrong sometimes, and for Reddit user jaowngap, it certainly did. One fateful weekend, she took a trip to go see her boyfriend but she ended up falling sick, and his mother ended up kicked her out of the house. After the Redditor eventually made it home, her boyfriend told her that she needed to apologize to her future mother-in-law for her behavior.


Many people have admitted that they struggle to build and maintain any sort of relationship with their inlaws. This becomes even more difficult when they haven't yet married into the family. When there was a divide between a daughter and her future mother-in-law, the families were forced to pick a side.

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Not being on good terms with your future family can ruin your relationship, but what happens when it isn't your fault? In Reddit user jaowngap's case, her boyfriend decided to side with his mother and asked her to apologize, but she refused.

Redditor Stranded in the Street Because of Angry Mother-in-Law

A few weeks ago, Reddit user jaowngap posted on the community detailing her harrowing experience with her future mother-in-law. One fateful weekend, she traveled to her boyfriend's place, which he still shared with his parents while doing his apprenticeship. The Redditor already had a shaky relationship with her future mother-in-law, and this trip only made it worse.


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Everything was going fine for the first two weeks. She left her boyfriend's place to stay with her friend, but then her boyfriend asked her to come and spend the night at his place without asking his parent's permission, and things took an ugly turn. The Redditor said,


"When I woke up he said his mother wants me gone immediately. I said I can't leave now because my best friend is gone until the next day so I can't stay at her place and I can't drive home because of a rail strike (I don't have a car). Also, I was sick at the moment"

Her mother eventually drove several hours to get her, and when she got home, she got an angry text from her boyfriend. He demanded that she apologize to his mother because "his mother started crying" after they left. Her future mother-in-law claimed that the Redditor's mother was cold to her. She then finished off by saying, "My boyfriend's whole family is mad that we made my MIL cry, and he demanded that I apologize to his mother, while I think she should."


Advice from the Community

Many people pointed out the "red flags" her boyfriend allegedly showed when he sent her that text message. Some of them agreed that what he did was wrong, but they also agreed on something else.


The top comments show people urging the Redditor to leave her current partner. According to them, the user is putting herself in a potentially dangerous situation by staying in the relationship. One Redditor said,

"Please run. This man is asking you to apologize for his own ineptitude to ask his mother for you to stay for a little while and for his mother kicking you out when you were very sick. With situation that it was how did MIL expect your mother to react. "Oh thank you for making me drive 1.5 hours to pick up my emotionally distraught and so heavily-sick-coughing-up-blood daughter"? Yeah this is a toxic situation. Please don't marry into this."

Daughter-in-Law Gets Revenge after Mother-in-Law Was Rude to Her


In a not so dissimilar situation, a Reddit spent most of her life thinking her mother-in-law liked her, but then she learned the truth. The Redditor has been together with her husband for 20 years, and throughout that time, she believed that she had a close bond with her mother-in-law. However, everything began to unfold during one particular Christmas. Her father-in-law began attacking her, and soon after that, her mother-in-law chimed in and said things the Redditor never expected to hear.


As it turns out, the mother-in-law didn't really like the person her son married, nor her friends, and even her family. The Redditor did defend herself and she left soon after, along with her husband and kids. However, their story didn't end there—the Redditor explained that since her husband was extremely forgetful, she would usually handle everything, but she stopped doing so after the fallout. She added,

"Because you see, this wonderful man is extremely forgetful and doesn't plan ahead well. ADHD can be difficult that way. Every few weeks for 9 months I have heard him say things like, "Oh shoot, last week was their anniversary, wasn't it? I forgot to send them a card." Or, "Man, I haven't called my mom in a couple of months. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. ""


Is Revenge a Dish Best Served Cold?

This Reddit user completely cut her in-law family off after their incident, and most of the members of the community supported her choice. One Redditor warned her that her family might think that she's the reason why their son no longer talks to them, but she was quick to add,

"Here's the beautiful part: I will never know, since I have taken myself out of that loop."

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Another Redditor suggested that her husband may just be playing along and is also punishing his parents in his own way. However, the woman explained that her husband wouldn't do something like that. She said,

"Nope. I still have never told him what she said to me - the closest I got was, "I don't want what she said to me to hurt your relationship with her." He is just really, really, really disorganized and forgetful."

Relationships with inlaws are never easy, and unfortunately, there's no magic formula you can use to make them like you. However, it's important to understand early on that your partner will always support you when things go wrong. Because if not, you may end up stuck in an unfortunate situation with no one to help. What did you think about the stories from these Redditors? Would you have done anything differently? Let us know!