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Woman Abandons Her Stepkids Because She Doesn’t Love Them, Now They Hate Her

Salwa Nadeem
Sep 14, 2021
02:30 A.M.
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Marrying someone who already has a kid means that you have to accept them as well. A Redditor, Ok_Stairs_3264, posted that she decided to abandon her stepchildren because she didn't want to look after them anymore. She asked other users if she did the right thing, and they answered her question with all honesty.


Having a step-relative in your family has become a common thing these days. Four out of ten adults in the U.S. say they have at least one stepfamily member, either a stepparent, a stepchild, or a stepsibling. The research also showed that having a stepfamily isn't something that everyone anticipates. Step-relatives come into their lives unplanned and can have a significant impact on their lives.

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The common perception is that step-relatives always cause chaos in one's life. Their existence stirs up trouble and causes misunderstandings among family members. However, that's not entirely true. Studies suggest that seven out of ten adults are satisfied with their step-relatives, showing that it's the minority that has a problem.

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The most prevalent issue in stepfamilies is acceptance. If a divorced man with kids marries another woman, his children will take a long time to accept their stepmother. Children are usually attached to their biological mothers and do not feel comfortable calling someone else their mother. Stepparents have to work hard to make sure their spouse's children accept them.

I Abandoned My Step Children Because I Did Not Want to Parent Them Anymore

A woman on Reddit revealed that she got married to her husband when she was 22. The man she married was widowed with two kids who were under the age of 10. He introduced the woman to his kids and decided to marry her because he thought she was the right person. Unfortunately, things started to change after the couple tied the knot.


The Redditor's husband did not take any responsibility to care for the children. He expected his wife to look after them, while she wasn't comfortable with that because she worked a full-time job. Her husband always found reasons why she was the perfect candidate to look after the kids, and not him.

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She also mentioned that her husband used to spend time playing video games after coming back from work. He never helped with looking after the kids because he thought it was his right to relax since he was the breadwinner of the house. Needless to say, the woman wasn't pleased with his behavior.

Moreover, her husband disrespected her, and the kids followed in his footsteps. They made fun of her, and the kids perceived her as a bad parent. All these things made the woman realize that marrying this man was a mistake, but the thought of leaving them also made her feel guilty.

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Ultimately, the Redditor decided to leave the house because she couldn't pretend she loved the kids anymore. She disliked them more than ever, and moving out of the house was the best thing she could do for herself. She packed all her belongings and left a note saying how things weren't working out between them.

The woman was happy to get rid of her husband and the kids. She had never legally adopted the children, so she had no responsibilities towards them. She was like a free bird, all set to live her life the way she wanted. Nothing would come in her way to becoming a full-time working woman.

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Fifteen years after leaving the house, the woman received a shocking text message. It was her ex-husband's daughter, who was now 25 years old. She said that the lady had traumatized her for life by abandoning her. She also mentioned that as a stepmother, the Redditor had the "responsibility of never leaving no matter what." Reading the text made the woman think about what she did, so she turned to the online community to clear her confusion.

Other Redditors said that the woman had no such responsibility. They supported her and said the girl was channeling her anger towards her parent since she was an easy target. Her ex-husband was a toxic parent, and the girl blames the Redditor for all that she had to go through while living with him. They told her not to feel guilty about leaving her ex and his children.


I Want to Leave My Stepdaughter Because She’s Pregnant

Bad behavior isn't the only reason why people want to leave their stepchildren. A Redditor, BloodyDoorMat, posted that he's thinking of ending his marriage because his stepdaughter is pregnant. The girl said she doesn't know who the father is, and she disagrees with terminating the pregnancy. The Redditor mentioned that his wife supports her daughter's decision, but he does not want to keep the child.

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The main reason why the Redditor is opposing his stepdaughter is that he would have to pay for all the expenses. He mentioned that his wife works part-time and doesn't make a lot of money, so the child's responsibilities would be on his shoulders.

He also mentioned that he wants to have a child with his wife, but welcoming his stepdaughter's child wouldn't allow him to do that. His stepdaughter is still in school and plans to attend college, which means she won't be caring for the child. They will be looking after the child, and his wife favors doing that and expects the man to support the girl's decision.

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The Redditor isn't looking forward to taking care of his stepdaughter's child. He plans on ending his marriage and moving away from his wife and her daughter. He also mentioned that he would give them enough time to think about everything before parting ways.

He asked other Redditors if his decision made sense, and they flooded his post with their comments. Another user suggested that he talk to his wife and explain how her decision would affect their marriage. He should express his concerns regarding having a baby of their own and not focus on what his stepdaughter should do. Another user commented:


The original poster agreed to this comment, saying that his wife needs to know the reality of the situation because that's best for everyone involved. The Redditor indeed had no say in bringing the child into this world, so he doesn't need to stick with the family and invest emotionally and financially in raising the child.

Having a stepchild isn't as simple as it sounds. It isn't easy to accept someone else's child and treat them like your own. What do you think about it? Should the man stay back and support his wife's decision? Or is it better for him to end this marriage? We'd love to know your opinion on this topic.

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