twitter.com/rianjkeogh | Wikimedia Commons/HHF FL/CC BY-SA 4.0
twitter.com/rianjkeogh | Wikimedia Commons/HHF FL/CC BY-SA 4.0

Restaurant Worker Claims He Got a 'Bucket of 5c Coins' as Final Pay

Dayna Remus
Sep 20, 2021
11:00 A.M.
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A fiery and fuming worker took down a restaurant's reputation with a furious post claiming mistreatment by the institution. This sparked a spirited battle in the comment section.


A restaurant worker based in Dublin, Ireland, took to Twitter alleging that he got his final pay in copper coins from an eatery called Alfies. Rian Keogh included a snapshot of a bucket full of 5c coins, which he purported to be his payment.

The poster claimed via a follow-up photo of it on a scale that this bucket of coins weighed just under 30 kilograms. Keogh also provided screenshots of apparent messages that he received from what is assumably a superior.

A bucket of copper coins with the inside of a restaurant in the background. | Source: twitter.com/rianjkeogh Wikimedia Commons/HHF FL/CC BY-SA 4.0

A bucket of copper coins with the inside of a restaurant in the background. | Source: twitter.com/rianjkeogh Wikimedia Commons/HHF FL/CC BY-SA 4.0


These messages, found in the comment section of the original post, showed the restaurant worker asking for his final pay, with his higher-up asking if it was okay to pay him in cash. Almost hinting at the future, the payer penned:

"Like I said I'll have every cent for you on Tuesday."

This could be viewed as a funny foreshadowing which another Twitter user expanded on, claiming that it is a widely-held inside joke in the industry. The user going by Oisin Brennan also expressed that he and the owner of Alfie are close.


Another naysayer asserted that he heard this was a consequence of this restaurant worker's unprofessional behavior, allegedly using foul language to disrespect management during a shift. Keogh denied this accusation.

The TikTok user consistently told him she was not interested.

A significant amount of people in the comment section also expressed compassion. Twitter user Jamie Caffrey exclaimed that they found this purported conduct by the eatery so uncivil that they would no longer be eating at Alfies.


Many encouraged him to take legal action against the restaurant, with some alleging that the payment practice is illegal. One Twitter user claimed:

"This isn't legal tender by the way... you can refuse to accept it as payment.....so can the bank.🤦"

Others challenged this, purporting it to be legal tender. The viral post has accumulated just under 2000 retweets and 15,000 likes so far.


Like Keogh's alleged mistreatment, those who work in service industries have a history of being disrespected by their superiors or customers. TikToker and cart girl Cassie Holland experienced this first hand.

A man tipped Holland with three ripped $100 bills and offered to give the other halves on a proposed date. This was after constant advances from him, to which the TikTok user consistently told him she was not interested.

Luckily, after taking to the social media platform and explaining the story, the ashamed customer returned, giving her the other halves without any conditions attached. Twitter users will have to wait and see if Keogh gets a similar response.

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