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NJ Police Officer Praised for Catching 1-Month-Old Baby Thrown from a 2nd Floor

Ayesha Muhammad
Sep 22, 2021
01:30 P.M.
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A New Jersey Police Officer displayed the best example of heroism and nobility when he saved a 1-month-old baby dropped from the balcony of the second story of a New Jersey building.


Miracles happen around us every day, and sometimes, they're brought forth by some of the most helpful and selfless people. The same happened in New Jersey when an infant was mercilessly thrown from the balcony of a building by an unknown man.

Fortunately enough, the JCPD received a call just in time, and their immediate response was to reach the incident site. They were shocked to see a man threatening a 1-month-old baby as he held him too close to the balcony railing.

Officer Eduardo Matute cradling the 1-month-old infant inside the hospital room. | Photo:  instagram.com/stevenfulopjc

Officer Eduardo Matute cradling the 1-month-old infant inside the hospital room. | Photo: instagram.com/stevenfulopjc


According to the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office, the incident occurred on Saturday morning, and police officers circled the area, setting up a perimeter so that they could reason with the man. "The JCPD set up a perimeter to negotiate," Mayor Steven Fulop shared on Instagram.

Despite their efforts, he still threw the baby from the second-floor balcony of the building. However, the infant was caught safely and just in time by Officer Eduardo Matute, who was positioned below the second floor, alongside several other police officers.


Thankfully, the baby was not harmed physically and was quickly rushed to the hospital as a precautionary measure. The doctors examined the infant, who was soon discharged. Prosecutor Esther Suarez talked about the incident in a Twitter post:

"Kudos to the JCPD and all the officers involved for their heroics and for bringing a safe conclusion to this dangerous situation."

Mayor Fulop shared a picture of Officer Matute on social media, where he can be seen cradling the baby in his arms with a smiling face. The prosecutor's office also went forward to thank all the police officers involved in the heroic act of saving the baby.


The man who dropped the baby was immediately taken into custody, and charges were pressed against him, which included attempts to murder, aggravated assault, and jeopardizing the welfare of a child. JCPD is also busy investigating the case for more information.

Many people took to social media to appreciate the bravery and selflessness of JCPD, especially the role of Officer Matute in saving the infant's life. Several people left their comments on Twitter and Instagram, hailing the police force for their heroic act.

One user commented on Mayor Fulop's Instagram post: "Wow. Incredible. Thank goodness baby is [ok]." Another one supported the police force, sharing his thoughts on Twitter: "Can we finally stop with the defund the Police nonsense? Great heroic job by JCPD. Police need more training, not defunding."


No further details have been shared by JCPD regarding the man responsible for putting the 1-month-old baby's life at risk. We are truly grateful to JCPD and the entire police force for taking care of people and ensuring their safety at all costs.

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