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Salary Dispute Put an End to Famous TV Series ‘Sex and the City’ and Started a Conflict between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall in 2004

Daniella Segell
Sep 23, 2021
11:00 P.M.
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“Sex And The City” is one of those iconic series that you will never forget and will continually find subtle references to in pop culture. However, what you may not know is what was going on behind the scenes of the show.


While the girl group seemed like close friends on the show, what was happening behind the scenes was a stark contrast to what we saw on our TV screens. The girl group was not as friendly as they seemed.

Salary disputes, disagreements onset, and an inability to work with the people they once didn’t mind being around all lead to the ultimate end of “Sex And The City.”.

The woman of the "Sex And The City" posing together | Photo: Getty Images and Shutterstock

The woman of the "Sex And The City" posing together | Photo: Getty Images and Shutterstock



The “Sex And The City” series began in June of 1998 and quickly gained popularity. It was a show that had a character that everybody could relate to, from the shy, reserved one to the sassy and seductive one.

The show was an instant hit and had people all over the globe watching it hooked. The show truly took off in a way that nobody expected, and the entire cast became household names by the end of the first season.


As the show progressed, so too did the dynamics. Some actresses took on more serious roles in the series, while others simply went on with their usual performance. While this was fine with some, others did not take it too kindly.

It can be difficult to work with others, especially when you see them progressing in a way that you haven’t, even if you think you have been doing the same amount of work. This is exactly what happened with the ladies of “Sex And The City.”


By the time the second season of the show had come around, Sarah Jessica Parker was an executive producer of the show and received a larger paycheck than her costars Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon, who had all simply remained stars of the show.


While Davis and Nixon had no problem being produced by SJP and getting a smaller paycheck, Kim Cattrall was unsure. She believed that each of the women should be compensated relative to the success of the show, not just SJP.

When the show ended in 2008, Kim Cattrall famously went on “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” and spoke about what exactly led to the series finally ending after six seasons, even though the apparent problem had begun in season two.


Cattrall said that by the time the show had ended, not all of the women were “participating in the financial windfall” of the show, and she felt that that was unfair on her and the other women. She said that if they were not equally compensated, it was time to walk away from the show entirely.

Once the show had wrapped filming, the cast had a party, at which SJP, Nixon, and Davis sat together while Cattrall sat alone at a different table. This was further confirmation that the cast was feuding with one another.


Four years after the end of the series, the exciting news came that the “Sex And The City” movie would be hitting screens, and fans immediately began speculating whether the feud was still on and whether Cattrall would even star in the movie.

However, as Cattrall had said in 2004 when the show wrapped filming, the deal was right, and the script was fabulous, so she decided to be Samantha again. She had said that she was not closed off playing the character again; the deal in the series simply was no longer right for her.


In 2008, when the “Sex And The City” movie began filming, fans were understandably excited. However, the filming was abruptly halted when Kim Cattrall could not film for a short while. This delayed filming and, ultimately, the release of the movie.


Because of what had happened previously, fans immediately began speculating that the reason behind the delay was Kim Cattrall not being paid what she wanted to and had stopped filming until she received the desired amount.

However, the cast was quick to dispel those rumors, simply saying that it had nothing to do with anything financial and that it was because Cattrall had just gone through a divorce, and her father had been diagnosed with dementia that they needed to delay filming for a short time.


By 2009 SJP was no longer open to talking to people about the financial disputes between the cast and decided to set the record straight once and for all. She told “Elle” that she didn’t think people wanted to believe that she loved and adored Cattrall and that she would never have done the movie without her.

However, even though SJP set out to set the record straight on the entire feud, it kept coming up, and in 2010, Cattrall had to speak out about it again. Cattrall told “The Daily Mail” that the two of them were friends and that the never-ending feud rumors were exhausting and “a real bore” before asking for the next question.


In May of 2010, during the press junkets for the second film, SJP once again addressed the rumors saying that when you are working so many hours a week and have your own personal lives, it is easy to become tired and feel exasperated, but that they were all adults and had no regrets about how she had treated people.

The rumors died down for a couple of years, but they came back up after SJP posted a photo tribute to Cattrall on her 60th birthday on Instagram. SJP told Howard Stern that it annoyed her when people never questioned the relationships between the male cast members on the show.


She went on to say that it was not always smooth sailing and that there were good and bad days, but she loved the women and admired them for their craft. She also said that the show was a family that depended upon one another for success, and as such, they all respected one another.

In January this year, SJP announced that the series would be coming back to life under an entirely new name; “And Just Like That.” However, the name is not the only change that is coming to this series.

Cattrall will not be starring in this new series. This, of course, had restarted feud speculations. However, SJP was quick to let fans know that Samantha was simply not part of this story but would always be a part of the group.

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