Woman Was Warned Pregnancy Could 'Crush' Her, Has a Beautiful Son Now

Dayna Remus
Oct 01, 2021
04:30 P.M.

With a frail body, medical professionals were petrified that a woman wouldn't survive the incredibly strenuous task of carrying and giving birth to a child. Despite this, Trisha Taylor chose to follow her heart with a fiery passion.


Maven came into this world on March 29, 2016, and his mother, Trisha Taylor, and her husband Michael couldn't have been happier. However, the journey towards giving birth to this tiny 3lb 13oz newborn was far from effortless.

This mom suffers from a genetic condition known as osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). The disorder causes her bones to break and fracture easily and leads to a short build. Taylor's height stands at 2ft 10in while her spouse stands at 6ft 1in.

Trisha Taylor [left]; Trisha Taylor’s husband Michael carrying her [right]. │Source: instagram.com/andshedid19

Trisha Taylor [left]; Trisha Taylor’s husband Michael carrying her [right]. │Source: instagram.com/andshedid19

As a result, her doctor alerted Taylor that carrying a baby could "crush her." From having risen above her diagnosis her whole life and proving that she could be independent despite her disorder, this mother chose to try to fall pregnant anyway, expressing:


"The word 'could' was thrown around a lot - 'You could die, the baby could die'…But I don't have time for 'could.'"

The path was not easy, with Taylor and her husband losing two babies to miscarriages. Maven eventually came into their lives via cesarian. Despite Michael and his wife's worries, he did not inherit OI.


In 2020, at 31 years old and Maven having grown to 4 years old, this loving mother and spouse chose to comment on her journey as a parent. Taylor expressed:

"I can’t just jump out of bed and run to Maven whenever he’s crying, and I think he learned that pretty quickly."

She stated that she quickly realized that she needed help looking after her child. Consequently, Taylor has become used to and okay with asking for assistance.



Love doesn't discriminate, as another couple with a notable contrast in height, in this case, the highest difference in the world, also gave birth to an adorable child. 33-year-old James Lusted stated:

"Holding my daughter in my arms is definitely in the top two of the best things I've ever done. Marrying Chloe was the other."

James' spouse Chloe Lusted resides in Wales with him and their daughter, who has not inherited her father's dwarfism. Chloe stands at 5ft 8in while James is 3ft 7in.


Chloe and James broke records with their height. However, after being born on January 24, 2017, a newborn found himself on a similar path, considered the largest baby born in Victoria, Australia, possibly.


Without even knowing she was pregnant, she had to give birth to her baby right...there.

Mother Natashia Corrigan was informed that her son's weight would be heavier than usual but was taken aback at how big he was when he was finally born. Upon birth, Brian Liddle Jr. weighed in at 216oz.


Corrigan's baby's size came as a shock to her, but unlike 20-year-old Hannah Violet, at least she was aware of her upcoming birth. This young woman only learned she was pregnant when she started delivering at the A&E.

Taking to TikTok, Violet shared her story. After severe stomach pains, the TikToker shared, her father had to rush her to the emergency room for what they thought might be appendicitis.

Once at the hospital, and without any explanation, her water unexpectedly broke. Without even knowing she was pregnant, she had to give birth to her baby right then and there. Although different, all these woman's birthing experiences are exceptional in their own way.

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