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Jerry Seinfeld Reveals Changes He'd Make to 'Seinfeld' If He Could Turn Back Time

Daniella Segell
Oct 05, 2021
06:30 A.M.

"Seinfeld" premiered in 1989 and almost instantly became a hit. When reruns aired on numerous channels, fans continued to support the show. Now that it has recently aired on Netflix, Jerry Seinfeld had some thoughts to share about the show.


While he said that he enjoyed creating "Seinfeld" and seeing how his audience responded to it, Jerry Seinfeld expressed that there were some things he wished he could go back and change or fix.

He revealed all of this in a press conference ahead of the October 1 air date of "Seinfeld" on Netflix and spoke candidly about his feelings toward the show in 1989 and now in 2021.

The cast of "Seinfeld" posing for a promotional photo, 1997 | Photo: Getty Images

The cast of "Seinfeld" posing for a promotional photo, 1997 | Photo: Getty Images


It was announced earlier this year that the popular '90s TV show would be coming to Netflix, and fans were immediately excited. Once the air date was announced, excitement built, and it was time for Seinfeld to do press conferences.


In one of these press conferences, he expressed that he loved making the show, and it was a wonderful time in his life. However, he was aware that there were some aspects of the show that needed to be fixed.


Seinfeld said that he wished he had a time machine to go back and change the things that he believed needed to be changed. However, he also said he does not believe in regret and thinks everything simply "happened the way it happened."

He expressed that there were some amendments he would make on certain episodes but would not say which episodes specifically and would not divulge the nature of the changes that he would make.


Seinfeld also said that he does not watch the show because it is the equivalent of looking at a high school yearbook for him. He then asked how often anybody looked at their high school yearbook to show that he was not interested in watching the show.

He also divulged that a cab driver had once asked why they had stopped doing the show, and he revealed that he knew if he stopped the show at its ninth season, the show would be legendary, and if they did not stop the show, they would have made more money but would have risked the legendary status.

The cast of "Seinfeld" poses for a promotional photo, 1998 | Photo: Getty Images

The cast of "Seinfeld" poses for a promotional photo, 1998 | Photo: Getty Images

Choosing legendary status over money, Seinfeld went back to doing standup comedy after the show. He was clear in his conviction when asked why he didn't do any spinoffs or other deals that could have come from the show.


He said that he was a standup comedian first, and being on a TV show for nine seasons was very different from doing standup comedy. Simply put, he went back to what felt natural and comfortable for him.

All 180 episodes of "Seinfeld" are now available to stream on Netflix as of October 1.

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