Father Makes Son with ADD Homeless and Receives Disturbing Call from Neighbors a Month Later

Rita Kumar
Oct 15, 2021
04:30 P.M.

Dad kicks jobless son with attention deficit disorder (ADD) out of his house. While he hoped his son would’ve found a job, he never heard from him for over a month.


For some parents, there comes a time when they have to tell their children to move out. It’s a moment that’s antithetical to all that it means to be parents. Likewise, one dad decided it was best to kick his jobless son out of his house.

Reddit user ThrowAwayAcct233 wanted to help his son build his roof over his head. For this, he made the most challenging decision and regretted it later.

Dad regrets kicking his son out of his house | Photo: Amomama

Dad regrets kicking his son out of his house | Photo: Amomama



The parents tried hard to make their son understand the importance of settling down soon. The dad, in particular, wanted his son to get into a job and stop depending on them. Though they gave their son several notices, he remained ignorant. The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“He never took our conversations seriously. My wife would talk to him several times a week about job applications, only for him to go "Oh, mom..." and ignore her.”

The decision to kick their son was aimed at helping him stand on his legs. They’d given him enough time to plan his future. However, he didn’t make any effort to respect his parents’ wishes.

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit


Though the son had ADD, he was bright and friendly. But that didn’t help a bit. For instance, he was a college dropout and switched his major thrice in over two years. OP explained:


“After dropping out, he worked at a local deli department for about two years until he was fired.”

OP’s son never made a stable career. There were instances of him getting overloaded with work and not filling customer orders correctly. His carelessness eventually cost him his job.

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit



The parents comforted their son and encouraged him to try something else. But he remained unemployed for three years and didn’t try looking for a job. His son’s attitude disheartened OP. He added:

The parents didn’t hear from him for over a month. He had no friends, and the dad felt it was unlikely he’d be staying with someone.

After a prolonged wait, OP politely told his son to look for a job as they’d planned to downsize the house. He even stressed about their inability to support him any further. But their son took the conversations very lightly.

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit


Even OP’s wife tried to make their son understand. But he would outright ignore her whenever she talked about a job application. OP was annoyed. Still, he decided to give his son a few years to save money if he obliged their requests.


“I was willing to give him a few years to save up money so he would have a safety net to fall back on, but still nothing,” he explained.

OP lost his cool and forced his son out of the house. The dad knew it would hurt his boy, but he was determined it was the only to put his son on track. OP sternly told him to never return home without a job.

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit



The parents didn’t hear from him for over a month. He had no friends, and the dad felt it was unlikely he’d be staying with someone. One day, they received a disturbing call from their neighbors. He added:

“I then receive a call from of our neighbors, who then told me they saw our son…I cannot believe what I heard.”

OP rushed to the spot to see if his son was there. But he was gone. He didn’t have a phone, and the parents had no means to contact him. The moment dawned upon OP. He was distraught and realized kicking his son out wasn’t a good decision.

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit

Many users claimed OP’s son could’ve done something for himself instead of emotionally burdening his parents. Some condemned the dad for failing his son. Some sided with OP, claiming that his son didn’t take advantage of the opportunities.

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