October 17, 2021

Man Sparks Outrage for Sleeping in His Wife's Hospital Bed after She'd Just Given Birth

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A TikTok video captured a husband sleeping soundly on his wife’s hospital bed after she birthed their child and received 20 stitches. TikTok viewers were furious.

Childbirth is perhaps one of the most physically excruciating experiences a woman has to endure, yet mothers go through this intense moment to bring a child into the world.

At the very least, a new mom should receive support from her partner after carrying the child for nine months and birthing the baby. 

Ayla Grace's husband sleeps on her hospital bed after childbirth. | Source:



However, some husbands are less considerate than others. Ayla Grace was one of the moms who experienced this right away. In a now-viral TikTok video, she shared her husband’s rude request after birthing their child. She captioned her post:

“When you get 20 stitches on your [cat emoji] and has the [audacity] to ask to switch off with the bed..”

Grace’s video captured her husband sound asleep with a pink blanket while comfortably laying on her hospital bed. 


The post immediately went viral with over 9.6 million views and sparked outrage amongst viewers who were fuming mad over the husband’s inconsiderate actions. 

New mom Lizzie also aired her sentiments on TikTok after her now-ex-husband asked her to sit on the couch so he could sleep on the bed.

“Girl, leave him at the dog pound,” one comment read, while another viewer suggested Grace divorce him right away. Meanwhile, others blamed the mom for allowing the unacceptable behavior.

Screenshot of comments on Ayla Grace's viral TikTok post. | Source:


“They’re like this because y’all enable this behaviour,” one comment read. Another person was also in disbelief that she allowed her husband to get what he wanted.


Grace isn’t the only mom who experienced such after childbirth. New mom Lizzie also aired her sentiments on TikTok after her now-ex-husband asked her to sit on the couch so he could sleep on the bed.

To make matters worse, Lizzie had a difficult birth and endured a severe pelvis dislocation. She revealed that her son came out weighing nine pounds and nine ounces and was facing the wrong way during labor.


A mom holding her newborn baby in a hospital room. | Source: Shutterstock

“As I’ve covered in previous videos, my son was nine pounds and nine ounces, facing the wrong side, got stuck, and my pelvis was dislocated as the midwife inserted her arm to remove him,” Lizzie shared.


The midwife was enraged to see her ex-husband on the hospital bed while Lizzie was on a chair with a dislocated pelvis, as were many TikTok users. Fortunately, Lizzie no longer has to deal with such behavior.

Lizzie sharing her experience on TikTok. | Source: TikTok/


Giving birth is something that men will never understand like women. As such, they should compensate by being a source of comfort to their partners. 

Previously, a man tried to do just that by staying with his wife in the delivery room, but it turned out that he did more harm than good. Eventually, his wife kicked him out while she was in labor, and he missed his child’s birth.