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Woman Sells Her Newborn Son to Childless Couple Due to Financial Issues Days after Giving Birth

Afouda Bamidele
Jun 17, 2021
09:00 P.M.
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After nine months of endurance and going through the pain of labor, a mother sold her newborn baby to a childless couple. It appeared that the nursing mother had serious financial issues.


A 3-day-old baby was recently sold by his biological mother to a childless couple of Hasanparthy Mandal. The baby boy was retrieved from the couple who purchased him and handed over to the government after the information came out.

According to the statement of G Mahender Reddy, a District Child Protection officer, the baby was delivered in his grandmother's home. His mother is a single parent named Ramulu Naik Thanda from the Warangal Rural district.

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Her aunt advised the woman to sell her child, and she took the advice. The news spread across the village, and the Women Development and Child Welfare department got notified.

After authorities got informed, officer Reddy alongside health department deputies and ICDS supervisors, visited the village for investigations. Records showed that the mother of the innocent child had other kids and was separated from her husband.

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The couple who purchased the boy denied knowledge of the rules guiding illegal child adoption. Officials took the child from the couple's possession and handed him over to the child development department.

Christine decided to sell her baby for US$200, believing it would be enough for her to start a better life.

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During the investigation, it was confirmed that the single parent's aunt had been the one who instigated the sales. However, the childless couple filed a petition with the child welfare Council, stating that they purchased the child ignorantly.

A notice released showed that there are over 100,000 child sex workers in the U.S. The Blair County officials noted that although some of the victims of human traffickers are kidnapped, many of them are sold by their families.

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According to Victim Advocacy Officials, some children are exploited by their parents, which usually connects with drug activities. Director Ashley Gay-Vocco opined that parents selling their kids for money or to acquire goods is trafficking.

Authorities revealed that these victims are often used for sexual activities, and they are usually shy and embarrassed, so they don't speak out. Officials urged people to notify authorities if they encounter these victims.

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In another shocking story, Christine decided to sell her baby for US$200, believing it would be enough for her to start a better life. The mother of the 2-month-old baby boy lives in a community with less opportunity for a good life.

Many parents in the areas have submitted to selling their kids for money. Christine's baby father died before he was born, and she had decided to give him out before he was born.

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Illegal adoption of a child is regarded as trafficking, according to Philippine law. Offenders arrested are charged with life imprisonment and a bond of US$40,000-US$99,000.


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