October 18, 2021

Firefighter Captured Reading to Little Girl Who Survived a Car Crash to Calm Her Down

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In September, a heartwarming post about a caring first responder was shared. After a little girl survived a traumatic car accident, a firefighter sat down with her and did a simple but meaningful act. 

A Montana firefighter's gesture has warmed the hearts of many. A photo captured by a bystander showed people just how much emergency personnel do.

They take care of the victim's physical needs but also respond to their emotional needs. In the photo, the fireman was seated on the side of the road, and he had a little girl next to him. 

A firefighter reads to a little girl after she was in a car accident | Photo: Facebook/allie.baldry



The pair appeared to be reading a book together. The fireman, who was identified as 26-year-old Ryan Benton of The Billings Fire Department, engaged with the little girl in her moment of need. 

The girl had just experienced a car accident, and in an attempt to calm her down, Benton used reading as a way to get her mind off the events. While no one involved in the accident was severely harmed, both cars in the altercation were damaged.



Car accidents may not always render physical scars but can stick with people mentally. To ease the little girl's mind, this firefighter went the extra mile. Billings Firefighters Media Coordinator Cameron Abell shared a statement.  

Abell stated: "Benton took it upon himself to read a story to the girl while her parents dealt with the accident. This allowed the parents the ability to focus on getting some sense of normalcy back."



The department added that their firefighters are always geared with stuffed animals and books. They carry these items around, so they are prepared when responding to traumatic events involving kids. 

Abell expressed that they always need a way to take children's minds off of emergencies. This was why Benton was ready to step in and help the little girl. 



Allie Marie Schmalz was the person who captured the special moment in action. Her post was captioned: "Sweetest thing ever! This fireman is reading books to a little girl after being in an accident. First responders are amazing." 

While the firefighter did not want to comment on the encounter, Abell put forward that a humble Benton would have said he was simply doing his job.



The fire department was proud of Benton and all of its other employees who serve their communities well. Abell stated that the photo of their fireman displayed something special.

He said it showed "our people are the light on a cold, scary night. They will be there for you when your darkest moment happens." 

Commenters react to a firefighter who read to a little girl after she was in a car accident | Photo: Facebook/allie.baldry



The image moved commenters, and many pointed out that first responders didn't get enough credit. One user wrote: "I love that there's a positive post about a first responder! We need more of these types of acknowledgments."

Another person expressed: "A real hero for sure!" Many netizens applauded Benton and expressed gratitude for the work that firefighters and other emergency personnel do daily for the greater good.   


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