October 19, 2021

Couple Hold Wedding Ceremony at the Hospital Where Groom's Mother Is So She Can Attend

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A hospital isn't the most romantic location for a wedding. However, sometimes miracles can happen, and those who create them are right here with us, always ready to open their hearts and lend a helping hand. 

Chaz Wilburn and his wife Amanda "Mandie" Wilburn recently said their "I do's," now happily married and full of honeymoon ecstasy. Amanda has expressed:

"It has been amazing. More amazing than I could have thought it would be." 

Chaz Wilburn and Amanda "Mandie" Wilburn with an overlaid picture from their wedding that they had at Chaz’s mom Ajeana Schuler’s bedside. | Source: Pittsburgh


On the surface, this duo appears completely normal, most likely having had a run-of-the-mill white wedding. However, circumstances led them down a stranger, yet special, path. 

Chaz had to be taken into hospital just a few months before their wedding, where, for almost 40 days, he had to fight to overcome congestive heart failure. The husband-to-be eventually did, but he and his future wife's nightmare wasn't over.

He stated that the hospital staff's efforts truly meant the world to him. 

Chaz Wilburn and Amanda "Mandie" Wilburn on their wedding day. | Source: Pittsburgh


Because of an ongoing illness, Chaz's mother, Ajeana Schuler, had to be taken to St. Margaret's hospital in Pennsylvania and couldn't speak.

The lovebirds decided to move the wedding up and get married by Schuler's bedside, but they had no clue how far the hospital workers would go to make the day exceptional.

Chaz Wilburn and his wife Amanda "Mandie" Wilburn during an interview with CBS Pittsburgh | Source: Pittsburgh


The hospital’s senior social worker Baliegh Cannistraci and her colleagues created the experience of a lifetime. Using the hospital's chapel, these co-workers created a fairytale wedding for Chaz and Amanda, such as providing a two-tiered cake, along with engraved champagne glasses. Amanda stated

"They got her hair done and wheeled her down... It was just so perfect."

Mandie's new mother-in-law was unable to voice her emotions. Nevertheless, the newlyweds have stated that her happiness was more than apparent by the look on her face. 


Amanda said that the whole experience had left her spouse completely speechless, which is out of character for him. The husband echoed this sentiment, expressing:

"They turned a nightmare into a dream, but it really was more than a dream." 

He stated that the hospital staff's efforts truly meant the world to him. The pair will always hold a special place in their heart for Cannistraci and her co-workers.

A picture of Brian in his wedding suit carrying Macey down the aisle |


Chaz and Amanda's wedding day was undoubtedly out of the ordinary, but they aren't the only couple pushing the boundaries of how romance should appear. On their wedding day, Morgan had her fiancé walk down the aisle with her twin sister Macey, who has special needs.

The heartfelt moment left wedding guests teary-eyed as they watched the groom, Brian Altier, carry his sister-in-law to the altar. The TikTok clip of the touching incident was shared by Morgan and has since gone viral.

While these two couples chose to accommodate their loved ones in particular ways for their ceremony, all weddings look different. If you're married, what was your wedding like, and if you're not but hope to walk down the aisle in the future, how would your perfect day look?


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