October 20, 2021

Parents Change Garage Door to Please Special Needs Son and His Reaction Is Ecstatic

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A special needs guy was over the moon when his parents surprised him by installing an automatic garage door. The young man's exuberant reaction has now gone viral, melting millions of hearts online. 

Pleasing someone and bringing a smile to their face doesn't always involve money. Sometimes, the most random and simplest acts of kindness can help cheer up people, lighting up their world in a way that they never saw coming. 

Devising the most memorable surprises for your loved ones require only your most profound sentiments and thoughtfulness, and a mom and dad decided to do the same for their 36-year-old son, Danny.


36-year-old Danny was over the moon upon seeing the automatic garage door his parents surprised him with. | Photo:

A video of the young man's ecstatic reaction was shared by his brother's friend on the popular online forum Reddit, explaining how he's managed to become a "local celebrity" in his town over time. His sibling's friend also wrote: 


"He sits in his wheelchair on the sidewalk and waves to every car that drives down the street, gets the entire plane to throw their hands up as if they were on a rollercoaster when taking off and landing."

Talking further about Danny's interests and passions, his friend wrote that he also enjoys indulging in Grand Theft Auto in his leisure time. 


In the viral video, Danny can be seen exploding with joy as his parents' car pulls into the garage, and he sets his eyes on the remote-controlled garage door. In the background, his mom can be heard saying: 

“Breathe, Danny, breathe!”

According to the video, Danny has always been fond of anything that comes with remote control, particularly garage doors, automatic gates, and car sunroofs.

Danny was over the moon to see the automatic garage door his parents surprised him with. | Photo:


Thus, as a reward for being on his best possible behavior and exhibiting patience during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown period, his parents decided to give him an incredible surprise. 

36-year-old Danny suffers from a genetic disorder known as Prader-Willi syndrome or PWS, which renders him unable to hear, talk or walk. It is a genetic condition marked by exhaustion, poor growth, speech problems, sleep disorders, and cognitive impairment. 

According to the Rare Disease Database, PWS reportedly affects 1 in 10,000-30,000 people in the general population and around 350,000-400,000 people worldwide. 

Netizens leave heart-touching comments on Danny's video posted on Reddit. | Photo:


Danny's heartwarming video has amassed sheer love and praise from the netizens, with many leaving touching comments on Reddit. One Redditor shared:

"Danny is beautiful. May the garage door, motor and remote, and more importanty, his joy for them, last forever [sic]."

Another user responded: "Yes, as a deaf person, I understand his wave and gesture. It's so cool that he's a local celebrity in the town (sic)." Indeed, Dany is a very special guy with a heart of gold, and what his parents did for him is truly heart-touching.


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