October 21, 2021

Young Girl Who Cannot Walk or Talk Saves Her Little Brother from Death

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A 9-year-old did the impossible to rescue her brother, who was just seconds away from dying. Although disabled, she proved that one's apparent limitations do not have to define them. 

Cerebral palsy is a disorder that affects muscle movement and coordination. For the most part, it is rooted in a brain injury that occurred during or before being born. 

Nine-year-old Lexie Comeau-Drisdelle from Nova Scotia in Halifax, Canada, has this condition, leaving her in a wheelchair and unable to talk. However, these disabilities didn't stop the young heroine from saving a life in the most unexpected way. 

Lexie Comeau-Drisdelle with her brother Leeland and mother Kelly Comeau-Jackson [left]; Lexie Comeau-Drisdelle [right]. | Source: News


Lexie and her family, including her mom Kelly Comeau-Jackson and grandmother, Nancy Comeau-Drisdellewere, were preparing for Lexie's 9th birthday in 2018. The birthday girl was sitting in the kitchen as her little brother, 18-month-old Leeland, snuck out the kitchen door.

This occurred in the blink of an eye as the grandmother looked away for not even a minute. The birthday girl, who can not speak and is unable to walk, may have felt powerless, unable to warn her family of the upcoming gruesome tragedy occurring right before her eyes. 


However, even though she is non-verbal, the 9-year-old managed to dig deep and let out an enormous shriek to warn her mother and grandmother. Remembering the incident, Jackson revealed

"I hear her screaming...we've never heard her scream like that." 

Upon arriving quickly at the scene, the terrified mom saw the top of her son's head in the pool. Mercifully, after they pulled Leeland out of the water, the little one coughed up water and survived. 


The regional council of Halifax and the local police have since honored the young girl for her courageous feat. Mike Savage, the Mayor of Halifax, took to Twitter, where he penned that heroes aren't defined by their size or shape. 

Councillor Tony Mancin took Lexie and her relatives to Halifax City Hall, where they got a tour. The young girl even got to sit in the mayor's chair. 


Lexie's courageous heart seems to live inside other children, who are always ready to put themselves in harm's way to save the ones they love. Tyler Doohan is another 9-year-old boy who put his life on the line for his family. 

Tragically, according to local firefighters, he died in a fire, trying to rescue his 57-year-old uncle, Steve Smith. His body was found in the back bedroom of a trailer, close to Smith, was also found dead.  

Although he couldn't save his uncle, the fourth-grader managed to rescue 6 relatives of his. This included children from ages 4 to 6. 

What would you do if you found yourself in a situation where you could save someone close to you, but if so, you may lose your life? 


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