October 21, 2021

9-Year-Old Boy Calls 911 after Smelling Something Weird from a Bus Driver Driving 30 Students

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A young boy, terrified that he and others were in danger, chose to dial 911. What happened after police officers responded was deeply shocking. 

Sometimes we see, hear or smell something that sets off alarms in our head. Many of us ignore that feeling, but in 2019, Troy Luna from Crows Landing, despite discouragement from his friends, chose to take action. 

However, was this 9-year-old boy's gut onto something severe, or had he just made a 911 call for something as inconsequential as a weird aroma? 

Troy Luna. | Source:



The 5th grader entered the school bus with 30 other children, including kindergarteners. While walking past the driver, he caught a whiff of something he could not put his finger on. The driver also appeared to be driving carelessly. The young boy expressed

“She stepped on the brakes really hard, and a few kids went flying and hit their heads on the seats.”

Luna chose to call the police after the bus driver took the highway, missing a turn. Responding to this, officers were waiting for the bus operator at a stop. 

Troy Luna and his mother Collette. | Source:



Shockingly, the driver, Karolyn Denise Ray of Patterson, was tested for drugs and alcohol and failed as she was purportedly found to be high. Ray was then handcuffed. District Superintendent Phil Phillpot said

“It’s disheartening and appalling."

The bus operator was charged with Driving Under the Influence (D.U.I.). Not only that, but also for allegedly endangering the children. 



The 5th grader's mother expressed her immense pride over her son's courageous choice and actions. Collette stated

"I was pretty shocked that out of all the students it was my boy that made the call."

Newman-Crows Landing Superintendent Randy Fillpot and California Highway Patrol officer Thomas Olsen also praised Luna. They were in awe of the young boy's good judgment. 



First Student, the transport provider, arranged transport for all students to be taken back to their homes. They stated that Ray had been let go since the incident. 

At the time, CBS Sacramento claimed to have tried to contact the operator. However, they reported that she hung up the phone when they attempted to call her. 

Tyler Doohan. | Source:



Luna, hailed a hero, managed to possibly save the life of himself and others on the coach. Tragically, the same could not be said for Tyler Doohan, who died in a fire while trying to rescue his uncle. 

Following a raging blaze, firefighters came across the 9-year-old's body in the back bedroom of a trailer, close to his uncle, 57-year-old Steve Smith. He was also found dead.  As a result, firefighters concluded the boy died from the smoke while trying to rescue Smith.

Although he and his uncle passed away, Doohan still managed to save 6 relatives, including kids from ages 4 to 6. As one can see, although Luna's actions were heroic, some courageous decisions can lead to heartbreaking consequences. 

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