October 26, 2021

Bride Gets Married in Hospital So Terminally Ill Grandmother Can Be with Her on Her Special Day

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Weddings have become lavish events, surrounded by immense gatherings and shining adornments. However, Sean and her now-husband, struck by a devastating revelation, chose an intimate ceremony instead.

A bride-to-be's grandmother, 71-year-old Avis Russell, was terminally ill with lung cancer. This future wife, Sean, and her fiancé ensured that they said their goodbyes to Russell in the most touching way. 

When it dawned on her that her grandmother may not be able to see her walk down the aisle, Sean chose to move the wedding up. She and her future spouse held their special day beside her grandma at the Methodist Hospital, Northeast. 


Sean and her fiancé exchanging their vows [left]; Sean in a wedding dress, hugging her grandmother Avis Russell who is lying in a hospital bed [right]. │Source:

Taking to Facebook and Instagram, the medical facility shared a clip of the beautiful wedding. Both bride and groom were dressed up. Sean looked gorgeous in white, while the groom wore stylish jeans and a white-collar shirt, complete with a pink boutonnière pinned to it. 


Looking into each other's eyes while a minister officiated the service, the two said their official "I do"s. They gave one another a passionate kiss as the grandmother looked on adoringly from her hospital bed. 

Sean and her fiancé sitting with Sean’s grandmother at the Methodist Hospital, Northeast on their wedding day. │Source:


The newlyweds then walked up to the 71-year-old as she lay in the bed and gave her a long deeply-loving hug. On both Facebook and Instagram, the hospital penned

"Avis spent some of her final moments on this earth celebrating and loving on her granddaughter."

As her obituary outlines, Sean's grandmother tragically died two days after the wedding. However, she got to see her granddaughter get married before taking her last breath, which is beautiful in and of itself.

Individual commenting on an Instagram post by Methodist Hospital, Northeast. │Source:


Commenters on both Facebook and Instagram agreed with this sentiment, many remarking on what a fantastic moment it was. One Instagrammer going by Dianne wrote

"The most beautiful souls leave us to early unfortunately but they go on to do their loving and protecting from the heavens above [sic]."

Both posts became quite popular. Instagram grabbed just under 2000 views while Facebook raked in a shocking number of nearly 9000. This married couple's gesture clearly touched the hearts of netizens from all corners of the earth.



This deep love for one's family transcends throughout the world. Couple Chaz Wilburn and his wife Amanda "Mandie" Wilburn also chose to get married in the hospital for Chaz's mother. 

Before their wedding and because of an ongoing illness, Chaz's mom, Agena Schuler, had to be taken to St. Margaret's hospital in Pennsylvania. The lovebirds decided to move the wedding up and get married by Schuler's bedside.  

Chaz Wilburn and Amanda "Mandie" Wilburn on their wedding day. | Source: Pittsburgh

However, they had no clue how far the hospital workers would go to make the day exceptional. They created a fairytale wedding for Chaz and Amanda, providing a two-tiered cake and engraved champagne glasses.

It turns out that the generic platitude is true; it doesn't matter how or where or what you're dressed in when you say forever, just who you are saying it with. 


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