October 27, 2021

12-Year-Old Girl Saves Her Little Sister's Life by Outsmarting a Carjacker

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When faced with a dangerous situation, many of us would be so overcome with fear that we would freeze and have no idea what to do. However, one courageous little girl used her acute intelligence to rescue her little sister from what could have been a devastating incident.

During the Easter weekend of 2017, a mother, Brandie Weiler, along with her two daughters, 12-year-old Maddie and 7-year-old Mollie, stopped on the side of the road. This was after they witnessed a car crash. Weiler recalled

"A sound of the crash was awful...It happened right in front of us."

12-year-old Maddie.┃Source:



The situation worsened from thereon, but luckily, perhaps because she comes from a family full of law enforcement and firefighters, Maddie knew what to do. 

Weiler was on the phone when the man who was purportedly responsible for the accident left his vehicle and began walking to the mom's van with her two children inside.

This anonymous person stuck his hand in the car window unlocking it from the inside. The 12-year-old's quick thinking then came into play.

Brandie Weiler.┃Source:



Maddie first began fighting with the man, screaming and punching. Speaking about the lessons she has been taught concerning a possible abduction, she expressed

“I have been taught if somebody tries to kidnap you, you hit them with all you got and nothing stops you.”

The perpetrator attempted to turn the ignition on, but the tween had put the gear into drive. In the process, her little sister was able to escape. 



Eventually, the mother pulled the keys away, and the man began running away, she claimed. Police officers finally arrived on the scene and arrested the alleged perpetrator, identified as Paul Salsman. Steven Weiler, the father, expressed pride, saying:

"This could have been an Amber Alert had it not been for her thinking.”

According to law enforcement, Salsman was tased twice when they tried to catch him and was charged with multiple offenses, including carjacking as well as hit and run. 



Maddie and 10-year-old Maddison Raines would probably make a powerful duo. Maddison also used her wit to escape a scary situation. The young girl managed to break free of a kidnapping using her parents' 'code word.'

In 2018, the 10-year-old was with a companion at the park when a car pulled up next to them. The individual told her that her sibling had been in an accident and asked him to pick her up. 

The young girl then asked for the code word, and of course, he didn't know, proceeding to drive off. In a world where anything can happen at any time, it is always wise to have a few tricks up one's sleeve.

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