October 27, 2021

US Woman Gives Birth to Her Granddaughter – Ultimate Gift as a Parent to Her Own Daughter

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A U.S. woman decided to be her daughter and son-in-law's surrogate following her daughter's painful experiences of in vitro fertilization, several surgeries, and miscarriages. 

The love between a mother and her child only gets deeper and more profound with time. This is one reason why parents, especially moms, would do everything they can to end their kids' suffering and be a source of comfort to them. 

This 51-year-old U.S. woman was overcome with the same feelings when she saw her 29-year-old daughter struggle with becoming a mom. While she didn't know exactly what to do to make things better, she was sure she wanted to help her child. 


51-year-old Julie Loving carried her daughter, Breanna Lockwood's baby girl, Briar. | Photo:

Julie Loving's daughter, Breanna Lockwood, had suffered immensely in her attempts to embrace motherhood. She had tried everything, from IVF to surgeries, and even suffered multiple miscarriages. 


Lockwood even had a pregnancy with twins, but unfortunately, it ended up doing massive damage to her uterus. While Loving always supported her daughter and stood by her in testing times, she couldn't take her suffering any longer. 

After Lockwood suffered her first miscarriage, Loving decided to talk to her husband about something extremely important. She was, in fact, considering to be her daughter's surrogate but wasn't sure if it could happen for real. 


Loving recalled that her daughter didn't approve of the idea initially, and she had to do a lot of convincing to change her mind. Moreover, Lockwood had been told by her fertility specialist that surrogacy was her only hope of becoming a mom. She also shared: 

“I thought she was just crazy. In the beginning, I was pretty concerned … but she actually tested healthier than a lot of 20- and 30-year-olds that [her fertility doctor] sees (sic).”

The fertility specialist also told her that if they were to consider surrogacy, finding a close relative like a family member or friend would be a suitable option. 


Soon afterward, Loving underwent some tests and was the perfect match to be her daughter and son-in-law's surrogate. She revealed how people often asked her why she chose to carry her daughter's baby. Talking about her journey, she expressed: 

"The love of a mother holding her sick or injured child in her arms, she would do anything to make them feel better or take away the pain (sic)."

Loving also explained how she had suffered seeing Lockwood battle with physical and emotional pain in the past few years. She didn't want to see her daughter end up in despair and give up on her lifelong dream of becoming a mother. 



Thereafter, Loving decided to carry her grandchild, owing to her personal feelings of motherhood, and also to end her daughter's suffering. In 2020, she gave birth to Briar through C-section, giving the perfect happy ending to her daughter's story. 

Lockwood runs an Instagram page, where she not only documents her experiences as a proud daughter and mother but also raises awareness regarding pregnancy complications, hoping to help other women like herself. 

As for her bundle of joy, Briar, she's lucky to have loving parents and a grandma who did one of the most selfless acts of kindness a woman could ever do for her family. 


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