October 27, 2021

Emotional Moment Dad Stops Walking Daughter Down the Aisle So Her Stepfather Can Join Them

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A TikTok user wowed netizens after sharing an emotional moment from her wedding where her dad asked her stepfather to be part of the father-daughter walk.

Weddings are usually one of the best memories in the lives of many. For parents, it is a touching time when they realize that their babies are finally leaving them to begin life with all its complexities and build a family.

The parties involved are also enveloped with excitement, expectations, and a mixture of bittersweet feelings. However, creating the best recollections from this experience involves having a great support system, including parents and loved ones.


Kelsey Griffith's father grabs the hand of his daughter's stepfather to walk her down the aisle. | Photo:

Recently, a bride stole the hearts of many after sharing her wedding experience on the internet via a TikTok account. The story gathered many likes and comments from her audience.



Kelsey Griffith recently became a wife following her adorable wedding ceremony that featured a loving family. After the event, she shared a sacred moment between father and daughter — the walking down the aisle episode. However, there was a plot twist to the story.


Griffith's dad, decked in a two-piece suit and white shirt, proudly walked his daughter by holding her hand, but halfway through, he invited the bride's stepfather.

In the video, the stepfather thought the other man had reached out to him for a handshake and did not expect the honor.  They both looked excited as they shared that once-in-a-lifetime moment with the new wife and grown daughter. The photographer captioned her post:

"My dad surprised my step dad by including him in our walk down the aisle #theperfectday #fyp #wedding #dancingqueen."



Many internet users jumped on the post with their thoughts as they happily expressed them. A legion of commenters was proud of Griffith's dad; they explained that it was an unselfish act from a selfless father.

A few others maintained that this type of behavior should be emulated by divorced parents, putting their kids' happiness above ill feelings and displaying genuine love.

A netizen's comment on the heartwarming video on TikTok | Photo:



Although the internet is raving on about the compassionate dad who chose to share such a beautiful memory with his ex-wife's partner, incidents like these have happened before.

In 2015, Todd Bachman, who had engaged in a stressful divorce with his ex-wife, decided to include her partner during their daughter's walk.

Although the former couple went through a tough time, scheduling court dates and seeking legal advice, which affected their relationship afterward, they later decided to have a cordial relationship.


Moments before their daughter's wedding, the bride-to-be called her dad, blurting out her concerns, including having her stepdad play a vital role at her wedding. 

Bachman did not oppose the idea and went ahead to invite Todd Cendrosky, who he described as being a part of his daughter's life, for the walk.


A year later, a similar story made the headlines. This time, it involved a perfect stranger playing the role of a loving dad.

Michael Stepien had been murdered in 2006, on his way home from work. The family decided to donate his organs via a portal named Center for Organ Recovery and Education.

A decade later, his daughter Jeni was set to get married, and the man who had received the deceased's donated heart journeyed to the venue to show off his kind heart. The man played the fatherly role for Jeni's big day by walking the gorgeous bride down the aisle!


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