October 28, 2021

Police in Pursuit of Two Suspects When They Suddenly Notice Group of Kids Lying in a Field

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A group of kids was hunting Easter eggs in a small village outside London when they noticed a police helicopter flying overhead. They then dropped to the ground and did something that proved helpful for the cops. 

Children are known for being innocent and absolutely adorable, but their intelligence is also on a completely different level. From a young age, they are able to perceive and observe their surroundings in a way that is downright brilliant. 

Something similar came to pass in a field in Capel, located in Surrey, England, where a group of children was present with their families to celebrate Good Friday in April 2016. 


A group of Capel kids formed a human arrow in the field, pointing the police helicopter in the direction of fleeting suspects. | Photo: |


The kids were busy enjoying their Easter egg hunt when they suddenly noticed a chopper buzzing overhead. At the same time, they saw two men running across the field, and it quickly dawned upon them what was actually happening. 


A few children in the group pointed out that they were indeed witnesses to a real police pursuit. Without wasting any more time, they dropped to the ground, forming a human arrow, and pointed the cops in the right direction. 

According to the Surrey Police, the police helicopter was, in fact, chasing two men, following an intrusion at a building nearby. 


The policemen were baffled by the way the smart kids helped them catch the burglars and couldn't help but appreciate the role they had played throughout. Sgt. Paul Sochon also shared his views on the matter: 

"I'm sure the last thing the group of daring Capel residents expected when they set out on Friday afternoon was to abandon their Easter egg hunt to assist us in a police search."

A statement from the police thanked the kids for forming the arrow-shaped formation, thereby pointing the helicopter in the direction of the escaping men. The two suspects, aged 28 and 27, were then arrested by the police and later released on bail.




It seems that the kids out on their Easter egg hunt near London weren't the only smart ones who knew how to communicate with the officers. Another four-year-old kid in New Zealand made headlines when he dialed 111 and invited cops over for playtime. 

According to the South Island City Police, they received a call from the kid, offering the cops to come over and look at his toys. Being as dutiful as they possibly could, they decided to answer the boy's emergency call for playtime. 

An officer, who later identified as Constable Kurt, went to the boy's place and told him how cool his toys were. The officer also shared a sweet moment of the boy sitting on the police car's bonnet, wearing his hat. 



While the 4-year-old New Zealand kid and the group of children playing in the field knew a thing or two about effectively using their smartness, a 5-year-old Indian boy, Amit, has baffled the world with his wisdom and sense of responsibility. 


In a viral video shared by the Instagram page Dharamshala Local, the little boy could be seen in the market area, wearing a cloth on his face, asking the people one question: "where is your mask?" Many adults laughed and even ignored the kid. 

Amit, who wishes to be a cop when he grows up, was contacted by the police in his area and the co-founder of the Instagram page, who agreed to support his education, and even collected funds to provide clothes and shoes for him.



Adults can learn many things from the incredible story of Capel kids pointing the helicopter in the right direction, as well as the New Zealand toddler contacting the cops and the wise Indian boy raising awareness in times of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, this places increased responsibility on the shoulders of officers and first respondents, especially when they're around victims and young children. While catching culprits is important, it is also crucial to know how to attend to victims of a police pursuit. 

Much like the New Zealand kid trusting the cops to answer his playtime emergency call, officers should be able to tell people how to contact them and under what circumstances. They should also try to make people feel safe in times of distress and danger. 


Two police officers standing with a group of people. | Photo: Pexels

Giving people the space to fully express their emotions and share their side of the story is another important factor. Also, letting people know their role in a possible crime scene and how much of their information will be made public is also critical. 

Undoubtedly, the role each of the wise kids played, given their individual capabilities and the situations they were in, shows how much we can learn as adults from them. Truly, this is what being responsible citizens of the state feels and looks like.

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