October 28, 2021

Farrah Fawcett’s Son Got $4.5m Inheritance but Faced Six Criminal Charges - Inside His Life Now

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In her lifetime, Farrah Fawcett had only one child, Redmond O'Neal, whom she left an inheritance worth $4.5 million before her death. Unfortunately, Redmond has been struggling and has multiple issues with the law. 

Late American Actress Farrah Fawcett enjoyed a long Hollywood career and lived a successful life. She starred in multiple movies, including "Charlie's Angels." She also had an illustrious modeling career. 

Fawcett also had a famous relationship with Actor Ryan O'Neal. Their relationship was scrutinized publicly due to Ryan's knack for womanizing and admission that he did not think he was supposed to be a father. 


Farrah Fawcett arrives at the Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, California, January 1977 [Left] | Farrah Fawcett's son Redmond O'Neal leaves court on March 27, 2012 . [Right] | Photo : Getty Images

However, Ryan and Fawcett dated and had a son named Redmond James Fawcett O'Neal in 1985. When Ryan and Fawcett began dating, he already had three children, meaning their son had three half-siblings, Tatum, Griffin, and Patrick. 


Redmond has endured a difficult life filled with struggles and battles with the law. Things got worse after his mom died in 2009. Find out what has happened to the 36-year-old and what he is up to now. 

Studio portrait of actress Farrah Fawcett on June 15, 1976. | Photo: Getty Images



Redmond is currently unemployed. However, he used to be a voice actor, even though not as successful as others in his industry. He worked on movies like "The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars" and "Johnny Bravo." 

However, it has been a long time since he starred in a project. Instead, he has been having trouble with the law due to alleged crimes. 

Redmond O'Neal and dad, Ryan O'Neal, arrive at the 3rd Annual American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 5, 2013. | Photo: Getty Images



Fawcett died on June 25, 2009, of anal cancer at 62 years old. Ten years after her death, her closest friends honored her and revealed what happened in her last moments. 

They revealed Fawcett was worried about Redmond in the days before her death. Fawcett's dear friend, Mela Murphy, was at her side at St. John's Health Center in Los Angeles and told People her last words. She revealed

"She was saying his name, 'Redmond.' That was the last thing she said." 


Fawcett was concerned about Redmond's wellbeing as he struggled with drug addiction and was imprisoned on drug charges. He also had an uncertain future. However, Murphy promised her dying friend that she would take care of her son. 

Fawcett battled with cancer courageously. She was diagnosed with the disease in 2006 and made her fight public. By doing that, she found a way to redefine herself. 

A year after her diagnosis, she launched The Farrah Fawcett Foundation, which funds HPV-related cancer research, prevention, and education. The foundation also provides the less fortunate with patient assistance.


Besides her son's wellbeing, Fawcett also requested that her mother's ashes be put in her coffin when she was buried. 

After Fawcett's death, Redmond received $4.5 million as an inheritance. Despite leaving him that huge sum, the late actress set up strict parameters for spending the money. 


Fawcett put the $4.5 million into a trust fund her Business Manager and Producer Richard Francis oversaw. The terms of the trust stipulated that the principal sum could only be used for matters relating to Redmond's healthcare. However, he could collect the interest. 

Hence, Francis could spend as much as he deems fit for Redmond's rehab. However, he could not pay any sum directly to Redmond to avoid him using it for drugs. 

Also, Redmond was only allowed to collect the interest generated by the fund at least four times per year with the restriction of monthly withdrawal periods. 



Redmond has struggled with substance abuse issues since his teenage years. He once spoke about his addiction, crediting the psychological trauma of his life for the dangerous disease. 

Some of Redmond's life experiences might have come from his parents' turbulent relationship. Also, his dad, Ryan, was known for his substance abuse. Fawcett also had a drinking problem. 


Hence, Redmond was left to battle his vices alone. He went to rehab multiple times but was ultimately unsuccessful in his attempts to get clean. 

In 2005 Redmond was placed on probation for an arrest related to cocaine and methamphetamine possession charges. In 2008, he was arrested again on drug charges and allegedly driving under the influence. 

Redmond was in jail while his mom was sick with cancer. In April 2009, a Los Angeles Court allowed him to visit his mom from jail as her health deteriorated rapidly. 


Matters only got worse after Fawcett's death as Redmond's arrests got worse. In 2015, he was sentenced to three years in jail for reportedly violating his probation drug case. He was surprisingly released almost two years ahead of time because of overcrowding. 

However, Redmond did not learn his lesson from that experience. In 2018, he allegedly robbed a convenience store near Santa Monica, Los Angeles, with a knife. 

He threatened the store's clerk and ran away with some of the money in the register. Redmond fled the store but was arrested nearby. He was later hit with six counts related to the arrest. 

Actor Redmond O'Neal attends the 3rd annual American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 5, 2013. | Photo: Getty Images


Things got much worse for Redmond in 2018 as he got involved in another horrifying crime weeks after allegedly robbing the convenience store. 

The media reported that he went on a crime spree on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, got involved in an altercation, and stabbed a man. Later, prosecutors accused him of randomly attacking five men and injuring at least two. 

In October 2019, Redmond was deemed incompetent to stand trial for his crimes. He was transferred out of prison in Los Angeles to a state mental hospital for treatment. 

Redmond O'Neal leaves court after his final progress report at LAX Courthouse on October 9, 2012. | Photo: Getty Images


According to the Sun, Redmond has been placed at the California Department of State Hospitals Metropolitan location in Norwalk. If he is deemed incompetent to understand the charges against him, judges would consider his court status. 

It was also alleged that Redmond was diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and antisocial personality disorder. 

TheThings reported that Redmond is now worth $10,000, which is sad to note compared to the huge sum his famous mom left him after her death. Hopefully, he can recover from his downfall soon. 


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