November 01, 2021

Man with Alzheimer's, 93, Loves a Girl Playing Piano but Doesn't Remember She's His Granddaughter

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A heartwarming TikTok video of a woman playing the piano went viral in October. She had a special audience member, and his reaction to the music touched netizens. 

Grandparents often hold a treasured place in their grandchildren's hearts, and as the years go by, it can be challenging to watch them grow older. For one woman, her grandfather's struggle with Alzheimer's has been heartbreaking to witness. 

In a video, @sheelaawe detailed her grandfather's health journey and stated that he had forgotten who she was. She told netizens that her grandfather asked her who she was and where she was from every few minutes.  


A grandfather with Alzheimer's has forgotten his granddaughter but is moved when she plays the piano and gives her a thumbs up | Photo: Instagram/sheelaawe


The emotional clip featured a stunning piano performance by the woman, but she is not the star of the show. As the woman played a song, her curious grandfather appeared behind her. His interest was piqued, and she had his attention.


While he may not have known his granddaughter's name, the music allowed them to connect uniquely. The elderly man entered the room, and the woman added a text overlay which read: "He's thinking, 'Who's this strange lady playing my piano.'"



The 93-year-old remained standing at the door, seemingly trying to place the song and the woman. He edges closer inside but does not communicate with the woman. However, on the screen, she expressed: "[He] seems to be enjoying it."

As time goes by, the grandfather finally reacts to the music, and his show of approval is priceless. The older man shows a thumbs up, which prompts the woman to start laughing. Eventually, he takes a seat on the couch.

A woman whose grandfather has Alzheimer's sends a special message to viewers about treasuring loves ones | Photo: Instagram/sheelaawe



While he did not recognize her, the grandfather enjoyed the music and even dozed off as the peaceful melody filled the room. The woman continued to play, enjoying the encounter. She ended the clip with a word of encouragement for her viewers.

Via onscreen text, the woman said: "Cherish your loved ones and make each moment count. Time is precious." As her caption indicated: "This is us, sharing a moment of happiness, where memory doesn't have to play a part in the experience."

Netizens react to a grandfather with Alzheimer's who shares a special encounter with his granddaughter as she plays the piano | Photo: Instagram/sheelaawe



The words paired with the clip garnered a massive online reaction. People shared just how much the clip meant to them with millions of views and thousands of comments. Someone indicated that they could watch the wholesome video all day.

Another user wrote: "This made me cry a little. I miss my grandpa." Other netizens shared their own experiences with loved ones who suffer from Alzheimer's.

The encounter spurred many to highlight the importance of showing and telling your loved ones what they mean to you while there is still time to do so.