November 06, 2021

Father Finds Out Wife Lied about Their 3 Sons for 21 Years after Doctors Tell Him He's Infertile

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When Richard Mason’s ex-wife Kate received millions in divorce settlements as well as monthly funding for their kids, the multi-millionaire thought he was doing the best for his sons. Little did he know that Kate lied about their real father.

When Richard Mason met Kate, he thought that there would be a bright future for them both. He had no idea he was marrying someone who would later deceive him into the biggest heartbreak of his life.

The pair met in the 1980s while employed at Barclays Bank and married in 1987. Richard’s career took off when he launched the price comparison site, Moneysupermarket, which made him his fortune.


Richard Mason and his ex-wife Kate in side-by-side photos. | Source:


Meanwhile, Kate became a mother to their three children, the eldest born in 1995 and twins born four years later. Richard was present in welcoming all of their kids, born through c-section.


However, Kate and Richard’s relationship became rocky in 2007 and saw its end soon after. Their divorce was finalized the following year, and Kate walked away with over $5,000,000 million lump sum in the financial settlement.

During their divorce, Richard complied with Child Support Agency and gave over $4,000 a month. Still, it was never enough for his wife.



According to Richard, his ex-wife “hounded me for years, employing consultants to investigate my financial affairs and tried to make me pay more.” Nevertheless, he always wanted the best for his boys and cherished every moment with them.

But in 2016, he found out that Kate had lied about his fatherhood for 21 years. Richard was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening condition that put a limit on his life. Richard narrated what his doctor said:

“He told me that 98% of male CF patients were infertile, and I realized he was telling me that it was highly unlikely I could have fathered any of my children.”




However, Richard was happy to disprove the doctor’s diagnosis since he had three sons. “I actually felt pleased to be able to tell him this, because in my mind it proved his diagnosis was wrong,” Richard added. “Therefore, I hadn’t got the disease which killed my sister.”

But when the doctor told him the statistics of male patients diagnosed having kids, Richard’s world turned upside down.

He immediately contacted Kate, only to be more confused as she told him their sons were biologically his. But after two days, Kate admitted that she had an on-and-off affair during their two-decade marriage.




Medical tests showed that Richard was indeed incapable of producing a child biologically. In addition, DNA tests confirmed that his twins were not his real sons.

With the turn of events, Richard ended up seeking legal help to get back some of the millions Kate received in their divorce settlement and sue her for paternity fraud.


Sadly, his actions resulted in two of his sons cutting ties with him. “I still see what the boys are doing on Facebook, and it’s heart-wrenching because we saw the graduation of the eldest on there, but I wasn’t invited,” Richard said.

It appears other people have experienced similar events. Previously, a subscriber shared a personal story of how she found out she wasn’t the biological mother of her three kids. Like Richard, she was shocked beyond belief.


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