Dog Wakes up at Night Sensing Danger and Discovers Armed Intruders Trying to Escape

Lois Oladejo
Nov 13, 2021
06:20 P.M.

A hero dog defended its family from armed home invaders, almost losing its life in the process. The canine sustained a bullet wound as a telltale sign of its mind-blowing escapade.


In 2020, the Lamonts drove miles from their home in Benoni, South Africa, to the Boksburg SPCA, a nonprofit animal protection organization in Gauteng Province, to meet the newest member of their family, a rescue dog named Kei.

Little did they know their new addition would become their hero right when the family needed rescuing themselves. On October 3, about one year after adopting Kei, the Lamonts' home in Lakefield Benoni was invaded by two armed robbers, each ready to use their weapons without hesitation.

In a Facebook post, the nonprofit explained how the armed intruders broke into the family's home and made their way upstairs, where the unsuspecting family members slept peacefully.


One of them entered the main bedroom but was soon gunned down following a shootout. The second entered the adjoining room, where the family's oldest daughter was sleeping, with the family's pet dog beside her.

However, before they could get through the door, Kei recognized the danger and immediately attacked the home invader, leaving him stunned.


The intruder retreated at once, leaving behind a trail of blood, with Kei on his heels. While fleeing for his life, the intruder shot dead the family's Biewer Yorkie, Holly, who made to join the attack.

Despite watching Holly go down, an unrelenting Kei chased the intruder into the kitchen to trap him. However, the gunman opened fire, shooting the canine through the face, availing him the chance to make an escape.

Sporting a shattered jaw, the injured animal ran into the streets to get help for the family, alerting the neighbors. Being unable to bark due to injuries, she had no luck finding help, prompting her to go further towards the lake seeking help.


The animal later collapsed near the lake, where the family later found her following a long search. They contacted Boksburg SPCA and then rushed the canine to an after-hour vet for treatment.

The heroic dog sustained severe injuries to her tongue and jaw. The bullet, which penetrated the side of her nose, also damaged her two top molars.

Kei underwent surgery and was discharged days later. She has since been on the path to recovery, eating only soft food and being spoon-fed.

A netizen's comment on the adorable Facebook post | Photo: facebook.com/Boksburg-SPCA-New-FB-Page

A netizen's comment on the adorable Facebook post | Photo: facebook.com/Boksburg-SPCA-New-FB-Page


While Kei's actions mirror the saying that the dog is man's best friend, Boksburg SPCA believes there was more to the canine's willingness to give her life for her family. They explained:

"Kei protected her family because she felt loved and was not simply placed in the backyard for "security," like so many dogs in this country are."

A consultation with Professor Steenkamp of the Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic hospital for reconstructive surgery might guarantee full use of her jaw eventually.

A netizen's comment on the adorable Facebook post | Photo: facebook.com/Boksburg-SPCA-New-FB-Page

A netizen's comment on the adorable Facebook post | Photo: facebook.com/Boksburg-SPCA-New-FB-Page


In an updated post, the nonprofit disclosed Kei's family's plans to have the dog undergo reconstructive surgery. The procedure would involve putting a fitting plate in the jaw and a possible bone graph.

They set up a BlackaBuddy account to raise about R60,000 for his treatment. Many people have since responded positively, sending in generous contributions to facilitate the hero dog's recovery.

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