Woman Lost 171 Pounds after Being Scared When Her Heart Stopped Following Childbirth

Brittany Chalmers
Jan 07, 2022
06:35 A.M.

An obese woman experienced a terrifying ordeal after she gave birth to her child—Her heart stopped. The incident encouraged her to transform her life and her body.


Chasity Davis, who is only 4 feet 11 inches tall, weighed 365 pounds when she was expecting her third child. She struggled to perform daily tasks, and her life revolved around lousy food habits. The mother's moment of truth came in the hospital.

She had given birth and was put on a heart machine. Later Davis learned that her heart had stopped beating for three seconds. The medical staff told her she needed to change her lifestyle if she wanted to live.

A woman who has lost over a hundred pounds shows a photo of when she was obese | Photo: Youtube/TODAY

A woman who has lost over a hundred pounds shows a photo of when she was obese | Photo: Youtube/TODAY



This was the start of her health journey, which featured changing her diet, joining a walking club, and going to the gym. While she knew she would never be America's next top model, she just wanted to be healthy for her family and herself.

Davis explained her old habits and stated that they left her feeling miserable. She said:

"I was piling on the weight. Just eating all the time. It was ridiculous. I was in a very terrible state, but I didn't know that I was."



Davis did not initially think her heart stopping was a big deal. However, her cardiologist's words struck her. The medical professional said: "Three seconds is a long time. You only need one second to be out of here permanently."

The then-34-year-old chose to change her lifestyle after the scare. She credits her walking group, GirlTrek, for helping both her body and mind because of the stimulating conversations during the exercise.

Before and after photos of a woman who has lost over a hundred pounds | Photo: Youtube/TODAY

Before and after photos of a woman who has lost over a hundred pounds | Photo: Youtube/TODAY



Davis said: "I show up a lot of times not just for the walking, but also for the conversations." The mother has shed hundreds of pounds since she gave birth. One hundred and seventy-one of those pounds were lost after she joined GirlTrek.

The mother also indicated that she now feels great, and she shared a few simple tips that helped her with the weight loss journey. She encouraged people to drink water and focus on one goal at a time.

A woman who has lost over a hundred pounds stands proudly | Photo: Youtube/TODAY

A woman who has lost over a hundred pounds stands proudly | Photo: Youtube/TODAY



Davis expressed that trying to change it all at once will make you fail. She explained that it is better to tackle one thing at a time because this will make reaching goals easier. She also doesn't prohibit herself from treats and "bad" food.

She tries to eat healthy most days and cooks a homemade meal every day. However, she still has a few sweet treats now and then. The journey was not easy, but it was worth it. The mother looks great, but more importantly, she is healthy.

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