Great-Grandpa with Dementia Reunites with Great-Granddaughter at the Nursing Home in Moving Video

Dayna Remus
Nov 18, 2021
11:20 A.M.

With his cognitive abilities declining and stuck in a nursing home all alone, all one grandfather wanted was to see his adorable great-granddaughter. When the heartwarming reunion finally happened, there was not a dry eye in the room.


Daughter to Jesse Bocanegra, Gina, has been looking after the elderly man 24/7 since the beginning of 2019, when he was sadly diagnosed with dementia. After living with his family, Bocanegra had to be taken to a nursing facility where he could be cared for properly by professionals full time.

The grandfather consistently talks about his great-granddaughter Aleida. The little girl, who is also always on the topic of Bocanegra, had been asking about her PawPaw. She wanted to know when she could visit him. However, COVID-19 restrictions made this challenging.

Jesse Bocanegra [left]; Jesse Bocanegra and his great-granddaughter Aleida hugging [right].┃Source: facebook.com/DailyMailVideo

Jesse Bocanegra [left]; Jesse Bocanegra and his great-granddaughter Aleida hugging [right].┃Source: facebook.com/DailyMailVideo


Nevertheless, recently, with the relaxed rules, both of their wishes came true when Gina and the little one surprised Bocanegra at the nursing facility, a moment that was shared on TikTok. When the grandfather first caught sight of Aleida, he was elated, holding his arms out for a hug.


Gina coined it as heart-shattering and challenging.

His great-granddaughter, however, was adorably making sure that he got all the treats and gifts they brought along with them but eventually gave him a cute squeeze.

Jesse Bocanegra eating.┃Source:tiktok.com/@dealing.with.dementia

Jesse Bocanegra eating.┃Source:tiktok.com/@dealing.with.dementia


Aleida eventually sat on his lap as the two held each other while Bocanegra gave her kisses on the cheek, asking her to visit him again. Before leaving, his great-granddaughter expressed:

"Okay don't be afraid, we'll always be in your heart."

Bocanegra's daughter, filming the sweet moment, wished her father goodbye as he waved to the camera. The video has gone completely viral, accumulating just over 4000 likes.

Jesse Bocanegra's great-grandaughter, Aleida┃Source:facebook.com/DailyMailVideo

Jesse Bocanegra's great-grandaughter, Aleida┃Source:facebook.com/DailyMailVideo


Many in this comment section remarked on how sweet Aleida is, stating that she and her grandfather have a fantastic relationship. One individual penned:

"I recently lost my grandfather so when I see these all I do is cry...hug him tighter.🤍"

A significant number of netizens expressed that they admired their heartwarming family dynamic. The clip has received almost 200 comments so far.

Individuals commenting on a TikTok post by dealing.with.dementia.┃Source: tiktok.com/@dealing.with.dementia

Individuals commenting on a TikTok post by dealing.with.dementia.┃Source: tiktok.com/@dealing.with.dementia



Speaking about her experience as a daughter to someone with dementia, Gina coined it as heart-shattering and challenging. However, her father has some true beauty in his life, she stated:

“Aleida is my dad’s pride and joy, his sunshine, the highlight of his life."

Gina divulged that they are raising the money to bring him back home to be looked after professionally. To do so, the family has started a GoFundMe Page in hopes that they can have their Paw Paw closer to them.

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