November 24, 2021

Man Hears Faint 'Excuse Me' and Sees Little Old Lady Who Needs Help on the Ground behind Him

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A man took it to Reddit after hearing a faint cry for help while walking to a Pokémon GO event he had waited for all week. When he turned around, he was shocked to see an old lady lying on the ground.

The Redditor with the username J_Pry confessed that he loved playing Pokémon GO and had skipped work on a Saturday for the special event.

He decided to walk to the place after confirming that other people were also going. Since people were playing with their dogs on the usual route, he decided to take the other street he had never walked through before. 

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OP (Original Poster) was excited to attend the much-awaited gaming event. However, he didn't know what was waiting for him in the unfamiliar street. He explained:

"As I'm walking down the more unfamiliar street, I hear a faint 'Excuuuuse meee?'"

He ignored the voice thinking the person much be talking to someone else, but then he decided to turn around and see who it was. To his surprise, it was an old lady crying for help lying on the ground.

OP checked if other people had reached the event | Source: Unsplash


The man darted towards the lady who was lying on the ground in front of her backyard gate. Astounded, he asked her what had happened.

He could feel the woman's body shaking as he held her by her arms.

By this time, OP had forgotten about the Pokémon gaming event because seeing an old lady lying on the floor had shocked him. The woman told him she had fallen and needed help.

OP was shocked to see the old woman | Source: Unsplash


Concerned for the feeble lady, OP asked if she had broken any bones, to which she replied she hadn't. He also asked her if she needed an ambulance. He explained:

"I ask her if she wants me to call for medical help. She says no."

OP then asked her if he could call someone from her house to help her, to which she replied that she lives alone. She complained that her knees were sore and asked OP to help her get up.

OP wanted to call someone from the lady's house | Source: Unsplash


He could feel the woman's body shaking as he held her by her arms. He looked around and spotted a cane by the fence, so he quickly grabbed it and handed it over to the frail woman.

The man also kept calming the lady while helping her. After she got up, she asked him to walk her to the main entrance. OP complied and accompanied her until he spotted a man next door.

He waved at him and asked him if he knew the lady. OP was relieved to hear that the man was her neighbor, and they knew each other. The neighbor immediately came over to help the old lady. 

OP helped the woman get up | Source: Unsplash


After the lady's neighbor took her inside the house, OP checked his phone to see if he could make it to the event on time. Unfortunately, he couldn't go there, but he felt happy to save a woman's life instead.

Other users felt refreshed after reading OP's post. Boom1979 shared that the story "warmed their heart and nourished their soul." They also praised OP, saying:

"We need more people like you in the world mate."

Other people were happy to read OP's post | Source: Unsplash


CapsuleCorporate shared that an old lady they knew passed away because nobody bothered to pick her from the ground. The woman had slipped on the snow outside her ranch. OP felt sad after reading the comment and replied:

"Let's all remember to check up on our elders throughout these cold months!"

Another Redditor with the username nobonespeach replied that she and her husband were walking home when a feeble lady tripped over and passed out. The Redditor's husband called the ambulance while she sat with the lady, trying to wake her up.

A lady shared a similar experience under OP's post | Source: Unsplash


She described the incident as "very scary," thinking what would have happened to the lady if she and her husband weren't there. OP praised the woman and thanked her for helping the unknown lady.

A healthcare worker with the Reddit username MadeLAYline replied that most people "come in bad shape" after falling because no one helped them get up on time. She praised OP for prioritizing saving the woman over attending the Pokémon GO event.

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